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A location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers

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Leverage Location Intelligence & Automation To Transform Network Planning To Pricing


Plan network routes by location revenue potential



Identify serviceable locations and interact with partners


Prioritize the best locations to increase win rate


Price locations to win and automate the quoting process

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Sales teams use Connected2Fiber to drive revenue growth in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Quickly identifying all locations that they can service (both on-net and near-net)
  • Automating the communication of their serviceable locations to partners
  • Qualifying RFPs based on intersection analysis
  • Prioritizing locations in direct sales efforts by understanding tenants, competitive dynamics, etc.
  • Determining optimal product pricing for each location based on multiple data parameters then scaling the quoting process
  • Leveraging location-based insight such as estimated tenant network spend to economically justify network route builds and plan sales resources

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Marketing teams use Connected2Fiber to maximize efficacy of their campaigns by:

  • Quickly and easily identifying all of the potential locations and enterprises that they could service
  • Prioritizing the locations and enterprises that are of most interest by gaining visibility into their ability to serve them, competitors present, total estimated network spend, etc.
  • Providing product pricing recommendations for each location or client based on multiple data parameters

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Carrier Relations teams use Connected2Fiber to more efficiently and effectively buy network, which includes:

  • Quickly identifying new partnership opportunities on a location-level to support deal flow and initiatives like SD-WAN
  • Easily managing partners’ serviceable locations in a single, referenceable platform
  • Qualifying RFPs based on intersection analysis
  • Seamlessly obtaining product availability and cost information from partners
  • Determining optimal product pricing for each location based on multiple data parameters then scaling the quoting process

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Executives leverage Connected2Fiber to digitally transform their go-to-market processes to capture untapped revenue potential, including

  • More effectively planning network routes by determining revenue potential of the locations along each proposed route
  • Automating the identification of their total addressable market and interaction with their network partners
  • Prioritizing marketing and sales activities based on determining which locations and RFPs have the highest probability of closing
  • Optimizing their product pricing at a location level based on multiple data parameters, then scaling the quoting process

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Trusted By The Industry’s Best

The Connected World

The Connected World is a location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers that automates go-to-market workflows and is powered by best-in-class location intelligence. With The Connected World, network providers will capture untapped revenue by being more effective and efficient in everything from network planning to pricing.  

The Connected World is powered by best-in-class location intelligence sourced from an ever-expanding count of data repositories. The platform’s location intelligence is a true differentiator in the marketplace and includes:

  • Over 350 million commercial locations profiled around the world
  • Over 5,800 network service providers mapped by location
  • Over 16 million tenants displayed by location
  • Validation from multiple data sources – both public and private
  • Continually updated insight so data is always fresh

The Connected World automates critical workflows from network planning to pricing in order to digitally transform network providers and empower them to maximize revenue. The applications are powered by best-in-class location intelligence and share critical characteristics, including:

  • Automate The Most Challenging Processes From Plan To Price – from discovering and managing ecosystem partnerships to account prospecting to product pricing
  • Fully Integrated – each application within The Connected World feeds another so there is no need to swivel chair between applications to most efficiently and effective buy and sell network
  • API-Enabled – data and insights generated using the suite of applications can easily be shared via APIs to enable immediate, seamless communication with other systems
  • Easy To Use – the workflows within the platform are very intuitive and don’t require deep domain expertise to operate

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