Client Testimonials

Now, with Connected2Fiber, we have a platform that with less than 4 clicks can create, design and program building lists to go out in our customers preferred format.

- Tony Russell, VP Business Development at KsFiberNet

We are excited to partner with Connected2Fiber and implement their platform to help drive growth.

- David Loeffler, Sales Director at Southern Light

The implementation of their platform...has increased our participation in the market with carriers, service providers and channel partners needing access to our reach.

- Kevin Morgan, Vice President of Sales for Stratus

We are excited to further enhance our cloud offerings by partnering with Connected2Fiber... No two customers are alike and each requires a unique solution based on their individual needs and location. We now have the capability to visualize global cloud connectivity options, a tool that is essential to ensuring customers receive the most effective services and solutions.

- Patrick Shutt, CEO, Unitas Global