Ben Edmond

CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber

Prior to founding Connected2Fiber Mr. Edmond served as the Chief Revenue Officer at Global Capacity, where he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s customer go to market strategy and execution.  Mr. Edmond has 20 years of experience in the fiber, telecom and networking industries, encompassing broad expertise in the areas of executive leadership, strategy, customer experience, sales, marketing, and operations.

Johns photo

John Wright

Chief Technology Officer for Connected2Fiber

As an Executive Mr. Wright has 30 years’ experience in Commercial Software Development, Information Technology, and Product Development.  Mr. Wright has transformed IT organizations from traditional approaches to advanced methods that closely partner and lead with all areas of the business.  In each instance, the transformation resulted in business acquisitions at high multiples of EBITDA, with a focus on the systems innovation and transformation as significant levers of the transactions.

He has also personally developed and influenced the forward thinking and transformational product roadmaps for companies in roles as Product SVP and CIO.  His applied principle of simplicity and teamwork has been received with spectacular success in innovation.