Market Intelligence in the Age of Ubiquitous Connectivity

In business, where knowledge is power, running a company without market intelligence is akin to driving at night without a navigation system or headlights. Entering a new geographic market segment or channel? Planning to launch a new service or product? Market intelligence provides the knowledge needed to accomplish these objectives with insight, clarity of vision and confidence… read more

Meet Connected2Fiber’s Newest Team Member!

Joe Becce is Connected2Fiber’s new Director of Sales. With over thirty-five years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he brings with him a comprehensive knowledge of the business and a strong talent for enhancing the performance of others…read more

Now More Than Ever, Location Matter’s In The Connected World

Over the past twenty years, enterprises across every industry sector and of every size have come to rely upon connectivity as a critical tool to operate and grow their businesses. Over the past twenty years companies have gone through a shifting cycle of strategic, commodity to strategic service once again when managing and leveraging connectivity for… read more

On-Net Building Lists That Build Business

It’s somewhat of a disconnect to think that network owners and operators, whose business is providing reliable connectivity via fiber optic network routes, still rely on outdated KMZ files and Excel spreadsheets to conduct their business. To drive market participation in the wholesale and channel markets, the process of managing locations, creating spreadsheets to share… read more