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Easily Identify Network Serviceability and

Product Cost By Location

Identifying network serviceability of specific locations is often very difficult for carrier relations teams. Dealing with identifying the locations that your network buildout can reach is hard enough. When you add the need to wrangle spreadsheets, emails, and partner portals to identify those locations where your partners can serve, this becomes a monumental task. However, failure to do so accurately and quickly leads to fallout and response times that are too slow.

Beyond merely identifying serviceable locations, carrier relations teams are responsible for determining product availability and costs for those locations. Especially in a world shifting toward SD-WAN, being able to accurately and quickly gain access to broadband availability and cost information at a location level will be essential to win deals.

But this, too, is often a manual process and can lead to an inability to find the most cost-effective connectivity options available, putting at risk the sales opportunity and profit margin on a deal. Finally, working with the sales team to prioritize and price out RFPs can be a challenge. Even if carrier relations teams could quickly generate ideal lists of serviceable locations with associated product availability as well as costs, cross-referencing these lists with RFPs and guessing at optimal pricing is extraordinarily time consuming. Ultimately, these processes are too slow and ineffective, leading to lost and abandoned revenue opportunities.

The Connected World platform was designed to help network buyers overcome all of these challenges by injecting location-specific data and automation into the process.

Granite Testimonial

Our customers rely on us to provide access solutions to all their locations. We needed to know what providers are available? What providers are near net? We needed this information quickly and reliably. Connected2Fiber was the only platform that had all of this information in one place.

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations

Specifically, Connected2Fiber helps carrier relations teams:

Easily identify partners and manage their serviceable locations in a single, referenceable platform

Connected2Fiber’s platform, The Connected World, enables carrier relations teams to easily identify network partners and manage their serviceability in one referenceable platform. Users can search any commercial location around the world and the platform will retrieve information on the networks that service the location directly or nearby (e.g. LEC, CableCo, Competitive Providers). Once a partnership is arranged, Connected2Fiber will pull in KMZ and building lists from providers and their partners and produce a clean, address-compliant, and easily referenceable building list for use by internal teams to quickly identify if a bid location can be serviced. If partners happen to be part of Connected2Fiber’s platform, an API will link the two provider systems so that building lists can be synced in real time. No longer should carrier relations teams worry about quickly identifying if a location within an RFP can be serviced. Instead, The Connected World can reduce fallout and improve deal response times so all potential revenue can be captured.

Easily and Quickly Qualify RFPs

The Connected World can immediately perform an intersection analysis between the serviceable locations of a network provider (whether the locations are on-net, near-net or partner owned) and those locations contained within an RFP. Network providers can now quickly and easily determine the ideal RFPs to pursue based on the intersection of their network coverage and the RFP requirements. Network providers can ensure they are working on sales opportunities with the highest potential for close to boost sales productivity and revenue.

Immediately determine partner product availability and costing while optimizing the CPQ process

Once ideal sales opportunities are identified and prioritized, The Connected World can immediately display a partner’s product availability and costing at a location level so carrier relations teams can evaluate and select ideal product and costing options. The insight itself can be pulled from the provider’s instance, their partner’s instance, or a partner’s API. This flexibility and immediate delivery of accurate, trusted product and costing information enables network providers to confidently cost each location to maximize profit margin and deal competitiveness. Once costs are created on a per-location basis, Connected2Fiber’s Pricing capability enables network providers to develop pricing logic that takes into account not just costs but location-specific dynamics (e.g. a building’s competitive rating, tenant profiles, ability to be serviced, etc.) to determine optimal price points for service. From there, locations can feed into The Connected World’s quoting engine or another CPQ tool of choice via API. Ultimately, these capabilities ensure that pricing and quoting are executed to maximize participation in selling opportunities while pricing to win at the optimal profit margin.

MetTel Customer Spotlight

Connected2Fiber provided a centralized location for MetTel’s serviceable locations, both on-net and near net. This allows us to quickly identify location, products and services available without the need to go through multiple data sets or websites.

– Shaul Feinsod, Director, Quote Fulfillment