Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Intelligent, Automated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process in the telecom space is often burdened by antiquated methods and tools for network pricing and quoting. Specifically, too often, teams rely on outdated location coverage and product pricing information from network partners, a generic product pricing strategy, and manual efforts to generate quotes. Existing CPQ tools can help but often the solutions are too expensive, opaque, and lacking in sophistication. Unfortunately, the problem will only get worse as the industry adapts to trends such as the continued rollout of 5G technology and SD-WAN initiatives.

If network providers are unable to quickly identify optimal network partners that can service a location and at a specific cost then quickly send a quote with pricing optimized to win based on location-specific dynamics, revenue growth will certainly suffer. Those who invest to solve the complexities associated with network pricing and quoting will grow market share.

Price Demo for Network Providers

Can you price with location context at scale across any provider and for any customer?

The solution drives increased win rates and profit margins by offering network providers:

Network Serviceability and Cost

Immediately access partner availability, product, and pricing information at a location level to ensure partner network coverage and costs are always up-to-date – regardless of where the data resides. The Connected World platform provides immediate access to an ever-growing amount of network provider APIs to support immediate, optimal network buying decisions. The platform also features the industry’s first fully automated bid management capability, which provides a two-way communication between network buyer and seller to reduce fallout and implement competitive pricing.

Product Catalog

Price products based off of dynamic, location-specific, and API-enabled product pricing logic that helps customers price their products to win while maximizing profit margin. Elevate the CPQ process with product catalog capabilities that ensure network providers no longer need to rely on “peanut butter spread” pricing approaches that don’t take into account the competitive dynamics or prospect profile at an individual location level. Now, they can optimize pricing to win at every location at scale.

Quoting Engine

Automate the quoting process to cut response times in half and easily scale to tens of thousands of quotes so all sales opportunities can be captured. The Connected World platform delivers speed and scale to the quoting process with robust tracking and management capabilities to meet any organization’s standard.

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Accurate and real-time data is critical to making the right decisions. Automation is critical to making those decisions quickly. Go to someone who has the expertise and can pull the data from multiple different sources. That’s the best bit of advice I could give service providers.

– Mary Stanhope, CMO
Unitas Global