Connected2Fiber Launches Network Finder For The Agent Community

Master agents and sub-agents can easily search commercial locations to determine on-net and near-net network service providers

Boston, MA – April 16th, 2019 – Connected2Fiber, the Industry Cloud for Connectivity, announced today the launch of its stand-alone Network Finder capability for the agent community. Connected2Fiber’s Network Finder module enables users to search virtually any commercial location in the United States and instantly retrieve detailed, accurate data on the network service providers that serve that location – from the Location Exchange Carrier (LEC) and cable company to on-net and near-net fiber providers. Beyond location intelligence, Network Finder offers users access to profiles on over 2,000 US network service providers.

For the agent community to build trust with and deliver superior service to clients, they have to have intimate knowledge as to which network operators can service which physical locations. Unfortunately, given the current tool sets available to them, this process either takes hours to days to complete or the data itself on serviceability is questionable at best. This leads to poor customer service and very slow response times. Network Finder overcomes these challenges by enabling users to instantly search and retrieve accurate data on which network service providers are connected where – spanning LECs, cable companies, fiber operators, and more.

“Network Finder is a critical component of what we offer in the greater Connected World platform.” said Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber “Access to trusted, location-based network data will enable master agents and sub-agents to more easily and credibly solve their customers’ connectivity-based challenges. This elevated level of service, powered by Network Finder, will have a positive impact the agent’s relationship with customers.”

Network Finder is available as a stand-alone capability starting at only $199 per user per month and available at

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Connected2Fiber is the Industry Cloud for Connectivity, providing authoritative, location-based insight & applications to network sellers, buyers, and users. The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers user to leverage that insight to automate go-to-market processes around deal participation, account targeting, and product pricing. Visit Connected2Fiber on the web at or follow us on Twitter @connected2fiber.

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