Client Testimonials

INDATEL Testimonial

Learn how INDATEL has automated the management of their building lists and leverages building data through the Connected2Fiber platform, helping them to directly get contracts from several large carriers and service providers within the first 16 months of implementing the platform.

“We did have agreements with a couple of large carriers but everything we saw was individual case basis because we provided them no automation or visibility into our network. What that means is we may get an order once every couple of weeks, once a month. We now receive an automated order, on average, daily. We expect that to increase dramatically moving forward…”

– Justin Forte, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, INDATEL

Granite Telecommunications Testimonial

Hear how Granite Telecommunications has been able to prioritize and speed up their response times for RFPs by using network and tenant insights in the Connected2Fiber platform.

“After our initial investment in Connected2Fiber, our response times on RFPs for special projects went from days to hours.”

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations at Granite Telecommunications

Uniti Fiber Testimonial

Listen to how Connected2Fiber’s platform has optimized Uniti Fiber’s market participation by automating the distribution of building lists to carriers in their preferred format.

"Connected2Fiber provided us with the ability to address multiple carrier requests for building lists in specific formats."

– David Loeffler, Sr. Director of Wholesale Carriers Sales at Uniti Fiber

Unitas Global Testimonial

Learn about how Connected2Fiber is a key strategic partner to Unitas Global, helping them handle address validation from their many supplier’s lists.

"In the past, we had some partners that had very large building lists that would take weeks to get addresses validated. Connected2Fiber is doing this in days."

– Julie Dillenbeck, VP of Carrier Relations at Unitas Global

FiberLight Testimonial

Check out how FiberLight is using Connected2Fiber to fuel growth across sales channels by leveraging and sharing trusted, location-based insight.

“Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our sales and revenue.”

– Marc Dyman, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at FiberLight

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