Demonstration Videos

Portal Demo

Connected2Fiber’s ConnectedWorld Serviceability Portal ensures you are being considered in as many deals as possible by enabling you to easily share out your up-to-date serviceability and pricing information to your agent/channel partners.

Market Explorer Demo

Connected2Fiber’s Market Explorer strengthens account targeting and planning efforts by enabling uers to dynamically define search parameters for a set of locations in any given market.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Demo

CPQ enables users to quickly create custom, local-level pricing logic and apply that to automate the process of quoting.

Enterprise Profiler

Enterprise Profiler delivers unparalleled visibility into accounts by providing deep insight into each prospective site.

Building List Manager

Check out our building list management capabilities

Network Radar

Check out our partner location management capabilities

Network & Tenant Intelligence

Connected2Fiber’s Network and Tenant Intelligence capabilities enable users to prospect sales territories.

Network Finder

Network Finder capabilities enable users to quickly identify which network provider(s) service a location or group of locations.

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