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Digitally Transform Network Buying & Selling

The connectivity space is ripe for telecom digital transformation. Many go-to-market activities surrounding network buying and selling are broken and riddled with spreadsheets, bad data, and manual processes. This problem is compounding in an era of adoption of 5G, SD-WAN, and cloud. Growing market share will increasingly not only be a question of having the right products and the right people but empowering those people with the technology to make better decisions and faster.

Connected2Fiber’s Connected World platform uses location-based insights and automated application workflows to reconstruct the network buying and selling process so network providers can capture untapped revenue. Specifically, the platform empowers organizations to:

Determine network route revenue potential.

While most network providers have tools and systems in place to plan new network routes, most don’t have the capability to specifically determine the revenue potential along each proposed route in order to make optimal building decisions or plan sales force allocation. With just a few clicks, The Connected World will surface insights on a variety of relevant revenue potential indicators along a network route – such as the number of serviceable locations along the proposed route, the tenants within the buildings, the total estimated telecom spend for the locations, etc.

Identify their total addressable market and communicate with network partners.

Before a network provider (whether a network operator or managed service provider) can pursue a sales opportunity, they need to first identify their total addressable market of serviceable locations. This includes buildings that are on-net, near-net (or in close proximity to their network), and partner-managed. This ensures they maximize their sales opportunities and reduce fallout. The Connected World takes network provider KMZ files and building lists (from providers or partners) and then automatically constructs a clean, comprehensive building list of on-net, near-net, and partner locations so sales teams and carrier relation teams alike have a clean view of their network footprint. Moreover, The Connected World automates the continuous distribution of those building lists between network buyers and sellers via a variety of application and API capabilities so network providers can ensure they participate in as many relevant deals as possible.

Prioritize prospects for marketing and sales activities.

Once network providers get a handle on their total addressable market of serviceable locations and prospects, the next natural step is to prioritize prospects for marketing and sales efforts to maximize productivity and qualified pipeline generation. The Connected World helps providers prioritize opportunities with the highest potential win rate. By surfacing trusted, comprehensive, location-based insight in easy-to-use application workflows, sales teams can quickly prioritize their best targets – ultimately driving more revenue. This capability spans both territory-based selling efforts (where the platform can detail a building’s competitive rating, tenant profiles, ability to be serviced, etc.) and RFP responses (where the platform can immediately identify network intersection points with RFP locations).

Optimize product pricing at a location-level and automate quoting.

The final step in capturing revenue is almost always the hardest, namely generating pricing and a quote. This process is often burdened by expensive and poorly designed tools or even driven entirely off of spreadsheets. To succeed in the CPQ workflow process in the connectivity space, network providers need repeatable systems to quickly and accurately establish their partner serviceability and product costs at a location-level, price out each deal with location-specific context and quickly generate quotes at scale. The Connected World platform empowers sales teams to do just this using location intelligence combined with robust application workflows and a comprehensive API stack. Using the platform, network providers can now be confident that they have the scalability to respond to every quote with pricing that will enable them to win the deal at the best margin.

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Reshaping Connectivity Sales in 2020

I would venture to guess that the pendulum would continue to swing towards automation in sales. But people are going to become even more important in sales, and humans, the human touch, will become critical as sales sits at the heart of it all.

– Margareta Sauger, Vice President of Sales
PCCW Global