Uniti Fiber

Listen to how Connected2Fiber’s platform has optimized Uniti Fiber’s market participation by automating the distribution of building lists to carriers in their preferred format.

Connected2Fiber provided us with the ability to address multiple carrier requests for building lists in specific formats.

– David Loeffler, VP Wholesale & Wireless Sales


Learn how INDATEL has automated the management of their building lists and leverages building data through the Connected2Fiber platform, helping them to directly get contracts from several large carriers and service providers within the first 16 months of implementing the platform.

With Connected2Fiber, we receive an automated order, on average, daily. We expect that to increase dramatically, moving forward.

– Justin Forte, Vice President of Sales

Unitas Global

Learn how Unitas Global discusses cloud connectivity strategy and address validation and normalization.

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our organization. Connected2Fiber is validating our address lists in days, not weeks. They really care about the people and product set they’re offering in the industry.

– Julie Dillenbeck, VP of Carrier Relations


Check out how FiberLight is using Connected2Fiber to fuel growth across sales channels by leveraging and sharing trusted, location-based insight.

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our sales and revenue.

– Marc Dyman, EVP & Chief Revenue Officer

Granite Telecommunications

Hear how Granite Telecommunications has been able to prioritize and speed up their response times for RFPs by using network and tenant insights in the Connected2Fiber platform.

Our customers rely on us to provide access solutions to all their locations. We needed to know what providers are available? What providers are near net? We needed this information quickly and reliably. Connected2Fiber was the only platform that had all of this information in one place.

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations

OPTK Networks

Hear how OPTK Networks Cut Deal Response Time by 50% with C2F’s one      source of location truth.

Connected2Fiber provided an automated and data-driven approach to building and selling our offerings. The qualitative impact seen to date has been impressive.

– Jason Axthelm, VP of Business Development


Listen to how BeyondReach mapped over 4M serviceable locations & leveraged APIs to deliver connectivity to underserved areas.

Connected2Fiber has made countless introductions for us. Connected2Fiber delivered and helped us understand all of our serviceable locations. That helped us, in turn, grow our business.

– Brandon Tessau, Sales Manager

Mid-Atlantic Broadband

Hear how Mid-Atlantic Broadband tripled their list of serviceable buildings with Connected2Fiber’s Connected World Platform.

Connected2Fiber expanded our serviceable location list three-fold with near net analysis, from 2,600 on-net locations to almost 9,000 on-net and near net locations

– Dave Keller, VP Sales and Marketing

Frontier Communications

Hear how Frontier is increasing partner deal flow using Connected2Fiber’s
location engagement platform and portal capabilities.

Connected2Fiber’s location engagement platform has become an indespensable tool for various groups across Frontier. We have eliminated emails to support teams for service availability, supplying immediate availability and better partner experience.

– Maggie Quinn, Director


Hear how Horizon uses Connected2Fiber’s location engagement platform data
to drive network expansion business cases.

With Connected2Fiber we are now able to manage and send out building lists in an automated way, saving time and ensuring we are being considered in as many deals as possible with our partners.

– Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products & Sales Engineering


Hear how MetTel is increasing sales and reducing overhead by using the Connected2Fiber platform.

Connected2Fiber provided a centralized location for MetTel’s serviceable locations, both on-net and near net. This allows us to quickly identify location, products and services available without the need to go through multiple data sets or websites.

– Shaul Feinsod, Director Quote Fulfillment

Crown Castle Customer Spotlight

Crown Castle

Hear how Crown Castle advertises product pricing and consumes partner
product costing with the Connected2Fiber Connected World Platform.

Many of the groups within Crown Castle are leveraging the Connected2Fiber platform to automate what has been a very slow and inefficient process. The platform has provided a single and centralized location to store all building and pricing data with Connected2Fiber adding additional layers of location intelligence to each address.

– Kevin Murray, Senior Product Manager

Globalgig Customer Spotlight


Get insight on how Globalgig added CPQ capabilities to obtain costing from carrier partners and easily understand serviceability from one place of location truth.

Connected2Fiber is very quick at loading information into our instance. Very cost-effective. We have been able to stay within budget while adding carriers.

– Gregg Rowe, Chief Channel Officer

Hargray Communications Customer Spotlight

Hargray Communications

Get insight on how Hargray Communications is using location intelligence
to play a key role in their digital transformation strategy.

In our digital transformation journey, we reached out to C2F to leverage their data and tools in their platform to enhance our project goals. Even during uncertain times, it was very impactful to our business.

– Kiley Wynne, Director of Carrier Sales

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