ITW: International Telecoms Week

May 6th - 9th 2018

We work with network operators around the world, giving them the real-time location data and building intelligence they need to maximize their sales and marketing resources.

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Key Discussions at This Year’s Conference

ITW 2018 will address several key trends that are affecting change in the telecom space. Each of these trends ties back to changing consumer demands and the increased need for providers to enhance speed of delivery and performance.

SD-WAN This trend is driving business for providers by decoupling last mile connection into a building from the network itself. To be successful, operators need visibility into where last mile networks are, and who owns them to leverage partnerships into greater reach. Connected2Fiber provides this visibility, while helping operators build and maintain relationships with each other.

From Edge to Core The idea of pushing content closer to users, rather than being centralized in the data center, to enhance performance will be a major discussion among providers this year.

5G 5G is on every operator’s mind to improve speed and reliability. Discussions will examine the timeline for 5G deployment, how it will help carriers support growing demands for connectivity, and the network infrastructure demands. Connected2Fiber assists in 5G deployment by providing visibility into current infrastructure and potential off-net partners.

Digital Transformation These conversations will look at how telecoms can position themselves to take more of the profit that connectivity yields for organizations like Amazon and Google.


May 6th

May 9th

Hyatt Regency & Swissôtel, Chicago, Illinois