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Creating and growing a partner ecosystem is critical to connectivity sales. The space is heavily reliant on network providers forging relationships with other carrier partners in order to fulfill customer requirements and provide exceptional service. Unfortunately, while wholesale selling is not a new concept to providers, it’s in need of digital transformation. Too often, wholesale teams are manually attempting to identify where they can service by swivel-chairing into multiple systems, figuring out where partners can service by going through old emails and spreadsheets, and spending countless hours trying to keep up their communications with carrier partners by sending them their serviceable location footprint in the carrier’s preferred format. Not only is this way of doing business an expensive proposition, it results in missing many opportunities to participate in qualified deals. Consequently, revenue growth suffers, and sales teams aren’t able to hit their targets.

Connected2Fiber has built a platform whose core revolves around the ability to seamlessly and accurately identify a network provider’s serviceable location footprint and communicate it to carrier partners.

Identify Demo for Network Sellers

Identify Demo for Network Buyers

Specifically, The Connected World’s Identify capability enables network providers to:

Identify All Serviceable Locations – Both On-Net, Near-Net, and Partner Owned

The platform will automate the process of determining the total addressable market for a connectivity provider. This includes constructing a clean, address-formatted building list that not only details a provider’s list of serviceable on-net locations, but includes locations that they can potentially service (e.g. all buildings up to 2,000 ft from the network route) and locations that they can access via their partnerships. With The Connected World, network providers now have one place to go to access clean, up-to-date views of their total addressable market of serviceable locations.

Manage Serviceable Locations & Communicate With Network Ecosystem Partners

Once all of a network provider’s serviceable locations are captured in one place, The Connected World empowers wholesale teams to automatically communicate that building list to carrier partners in a variety of ways. This includes using the platform’s workflows to send a defined set of locations to partners in their specific, pre-built format via email. Also, users can connect directly with their partners via a set of APIs built into the platform that sends building list data between network providers’ instances of The Connected World. Finally, Connected2Fiber has branded API and web portal capabilities available for customers so network providers can choose to advertise their building list to their partners externally in a variety of ways. With these capabilities, wholesale selling can now be significantly automated so network providers can ensure they care being considered in as many wholesale deals as possible.

Identify & Manage Partner Network Coverage

Carrier relations teams leverage The Connected World to overcome the challenge of identifying and managing their carrier partner relationships so they can both participate in as many sales opportunities as possible and drive out costs. The Connected World helps these teams search (single queries or in bulk) locations of interest and retrieve network providers that can service those locations – whether it’s a TelcoCo, CableCo, or Competitive Provider – so new, meaningful partnerships can be created. Moreover, once those partnerships are established, the platform empowers carrier relations teams to manage all of their partner building lists in one place. The building lists themselves are cleansed so the location data is easily referenceable and compliant with posted address standards. If a network provider has carrier partners within The Connected World, Connected2Fiber will broker a direct connection between the two instances via an internal API so communication of locations is seamless.

INDATEL Testimonial

Learn how INDATEL has automated the management of their building lists and leverages building data through the Connected2Fiber platform, helping them to directly get contracts from several large carriers and service providers within the first 16 months of implementing the platform.

With Connected2Fiber, we receive an automated order, on average, daily. We expect that to increase dramatically, moving forward.

– Justin Forte, Vice President of Sales