Market Intelligence in the Age of Ubiquitous Connectivity

In business, where knowledge is power, running a company without market intelligence is akin to driving at night without a navigation system or headlights.
Entering a new geographic market segment or channel? Planning to launch a new service or product? Market intelligence provides the knowledge needed to accomplish these objectives with insight, clarity of vision and confidence.

Market intelligence can be defined as information compiled from internal and external sources about a targeted group of customers. The type of market intelligence most useful to a sales and marketing department might include data on prospective or existing clients, customer needs, existing assets, market trends, and knowledge concerning direct or potential competitors.

Market intelligence assists companies to identify new business opportunities, penetrate or expand into new markets, minimize risk, accelerate time-to-market and drive revenue. Market intelligence also plays a pivotal role in the strategic decision-making process and can help facilitate knowledge sharing within the organization, with channel partners, and with customers. If market intelligence is not readily available to all stakeholders, but instead remains only with a handful of staff and not embedded in an organization’s sales process, that company is at a competitive disadvantage, lacking the agility to seize new business opportunities.

Market Intelligence in the Networking Industry

In the networking industry, market intelligence plays an integral role in enabling network owners and operators to deliver the necessary communications infrastructure that enables advanced connectivity. Yet until recently, network operators have sorely lacked market transparency and context, along with the ability to take action on data in the formats that companies need to make improvements in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Knowing the precise location of network assets is a critical piece of contextual information that is paramount to networks operators’ success. The challenge is to collect this data from where it is siloed in Excel spreadsheets or complex engineering systems, [with no standardization of reporting across the company,] and distribute it to telecom and connectivity businesses so they can manage and exchange location information quickly, easily and in real-time.

Connected2Fiber is a go-to-market B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company focused on helping network owners and operators drive growth through the four quadrants of market intelligence needed in the connectivity industry; Location, Businesses, Networks and Assets. Connected2Fiber believes that location matters and is essential to assisting network owners and operators to implement successful business strategies, ultimately enabling them to stay ahead of competition and drive revenue.

To ensure that network operators are able to develop and deploy an effective go-to-market strategy for their networks, Connected2Fiber has built The Connected World Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform. The Connected World is the connectivity industry’s first market acceleration platform that facilitates participation by allowing owners and operators to view and manage their network assets with market intelligence as critical context. The SaaS platform enables OnNet and NearNet location management, route tracking, tenant and competitive intelligence, interconnection and building list automation, all in a visual, automated tool set designed for the connectivity industry.

By providing the world’s leading connectivity providers with effective tools such as market visualization, shared transparency, automation, speed and instant insight, Connected2Fiber assists these entities to drive revenue and achieve higher return on sales and marketing investments – the end goal of The Connected World, and our industry leading market intelligence.

Learn how network operators can get real-time market intelligence to answer their last mile questions.

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