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Targeted Marketing Campaigns Leveraging Unique Location-Based Insights

Marketing in the connectivity space uniquely requires not only mastering methods to effectively generate demand from prospects for network-based offerings but doing so in a way where there’s awareness of the geographical constraints of potential customers. Unlike many industries that can sell their products to virtually any company around the globe with some modifications or investment in staffing, geography is a major consideration point for the connectivity space. Network providers need to ensure that their networks (or those of their partners) can physically access a prospect before an account can be deemed a suitable target.

Marketing teams that rely on “mass blast” approaches to demand generation waste considerable time, money, and effort targeting prospects that, even if interested, would not be able to buy their network-based products and services.

Connected2Fiber empowers network provider marketing teams to identify and prioritize serviceable accounts in their demand efforts – ultimately driving higher hit rates on their campaigns and a more qualified sales pipeline.

Uniti Fiber Customer Spotlight

Listen to how Connected2Fiber’s platform has optimized Uniti Fiber’s market participation by automating the distribution of building lists to carriers in their preferred format.

Connected2Fiber provides the meaningful data and analysis we need to help us source, target and win new business, on real-time location based network and prospect data.

– David Loeffler, VP Wholesale & Wireless Sales

Specifically, Connected2Fiber’s platform helps marketing teams:

Quickly and easily identify all potential locations and accounts that could be served

With a simple KMZ file upload, The Connected World platform will analyze network routes provided and display all serviceable locations both on-net and near-net (e.g serviceable locations within 2000 feet) to that route in order to identify a network provider’s total addressable market of locations. This identification of serviceable locations could also include network partner building lists. Ultimately, marketing teams can now ensure they have immediately and accurately identified all potential prospects in their market.

Prioritize prospects using location intelligence

Once marketing has identified all of their potential prospects, Connected2Fiber will surface valuable location intelligence on each building to help marketing run targeted, effective campaigns on high priority prospects. For instance, Connected2Fiber can surface immediate, accurate insights such as the network provider’s connection status to a building, all of the tenants that reside in each serviceable building, their industry classification, each tenant’s estimated network spend, the other competitors operating at or close to the location, etc. Armed with this deep, location-based insight, marketing can now target the right locations with the right offerings at the right time.

Provide targeted product pricing recommendations based on location insights

Now that marketing understands the location-specific dynamics of each serviceable building within their network reach, they can use this insight to provide targeted product pricing recommendations. If they are responsible for setting pricing guidelines within their organization, they can sign up for Connected2Fiber’s Pricing capability and create location-level pricing logic by product, that flows into an efficient CPQ workflow – ensuring the provider maximizes their win rate, profit margins, and the number of opportunities they can pursue.

OPTK Networks Customer Spotlight

Connected2Fiber provided an automated and data-driven approach to building and selling our offerings. The qualitative impact seen to date has been impressive.