Meet Connected2Fiber’s Newest Team Member!

Joe Becce is Connected2Fiber’s new Director of Sales. With over thirty-five years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he brings with him a comprehensive knowledge of the business and a strong talent for enhancing the performance of others.

We recently sat down with Joe and asked him what he thought of his new position.

1. What excites you about your new role at Connected2Fiber?

It’s not only exciting to join a startup, but exhilarating to make the transition from selling commodity based managed services and dark fiber to promoting a unique Software-as-a-Service solution not found anywhere else in the industry.

2. How is Connected2Fiber’s solution helping to change the way people do business?

Connected2Fiber will speed and simplify access to critical information that will enable Carrier & Wholesale Sales forces to win significant deals they didn’t think possible before they implemented The Connected World.

3. Why did you want to work at Connected2Fiber?

This process began literally two years ago, October 2015, when Ben presented the Connected2Fiber concept to me at the INCOMPAS (then Comptel) conference in San Francisco, the very same place I am traveling to this weekend to proudly represent Connected2Fiber as Director of Sales.  Ben Edmond and Brandon Pemberton are the two people I wanted to line up behind in this industry.

4. What do you hope to achieve with the company over the next year and beyond?

The opportunity to make a significant individual impact exists here at Connected2Fiber, which is my personal goal. It is my desire to drive sales and market share beyond budgeted forecasts. Revenue in excess of quota levels cures all that ails you!

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