Manage Serviceable Locations & Communicate With Network Ecosystem Partners

Wholesale selling within the connectivity space is broken. Network providers struggle to identify their total addressable market of on-net, near-net, and partner serviceable locations to trusted ecosystem partners and it’s costing them valuable sales opportunities. Unfortunately, most wholesale selling activities are manual and spreadsheet-based. Sales teams are forced to assemble a “best guess” list of locations that they can provide service to and then format those lists into a variety of carrier schemas before sending them to those partners continuously so they can participate in as many deals as possible.

In addition to being very manual, this process is often riddled with errors. Not only does it take too long to assemble a complete serviceable building list, but addresses are often not formatted correctly (e.g. misspellings) and taking the time to try to update a network ecosystem partner in their specific format could still lead to the list being rejected if there’s any formatting issue.

Moreover, communication of location serviceability to the channel community (such as agents), is also not being supported very well from a technological perspective. There’s no easy way for these channel partners to quickly assess where a network provider has coverage, with what products, and at what price.

Ultimately, these heavily manual processes and poor data quality issues take a toll on revenue growth for a network provider. They’re not able to maximize participation in relevant deals for any of the aforementioned reasons. Connected2Fiber was started to solve issues surrounding wholesales buying and selling by automating critical processes and injecting clean, reliable data into operations.

Specifically, The Connected World’s Identify capability enables network providers to:

Capture & Manage All Serviceable Buildings In One Place

The Connected World platform enables wholesale selling teams to capture all of their serviceable locations in one place. Connected2Fiber customer success teams will help providers load in existing building lists, spreadsheets, and KMZ files before converting all of these to a clean, conformed building list of locations that are serviceable by the provider – whether the locations are on-net, near-net, or serviceable by partners. No longer will wholesale teams need to worry about taking the time to clean up building records or risk not being referenceable in partners’ buying systems.

Communicate Serviceability To Wholesale Ecosystem Partners In A Variety Of Automated Ways

Once the completed building list is within The Connected World, the platform enables network provider sales teams to communicate their serviceable locations to wholesale ecosystem partners in a variety of ways. If the network provider has an ecosystem partner that is not a Connected2Fiber customer, the system enables the provider to select the clean list of locations they would like to send to the partner, import and select the partner contact, and select the format of the building list before selecting the frequency of updates. Connected2Fiber has pre-built all major carrier formats into the platform so no customization is needed on the provider’s part. If the ecosystem partner is already a Connected2Fiber customer, Connected2Fiber will broker a direct connection between the two instances via an internal API so communication of locations is seamless. Finally, The Connected World offers an Availability Engine API to network providers where wholesale partners can query (single or in bulk) locations of interest and retrieve information such as location serviceability and pricing. Ultimately, The Connected World has automated the difficult tasks of managing and sending building lists to wholesale ecosystem partners via a collection of APIs and application capabilities that ensure the network providers will be considered in as many wholesale opportunities as possible.

Extend Reach With Portal Capabilities

Beyond traditional wholesale partners, network providers may want to communicate their serviceability to the channel partner community, including agent partners. The Connected World features a branded portal capability where network providers can advertise their existing serviceable building footprint as well as associated product and pricing information to the channel community. End users can query single or multiple locations to determine if a particular building is serviceable by the network provider and, if so, what products are available at what prices.

Make Data-Driven Strategic Decisions Using Analytical Insights

When network provider partners engage with the API and portal capabilities specific to a customer, that information is captured and returned to the network provider customer. The insight includes information such as locations being queried in the customer’s instance and via what particular channel. Network providers can use this data to make more strategic decisions about everything from pricing strategy to network planning.

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