Identify & Manage Partner Network Coverage

Carrier relations teams at network providers have the difficult task of identifying and managing network partner relationships that can help the organization maximize network reach to participate in as many deals as possible. Often, these teams are challenged by an inability to easily identify which network partners can cover certain locations where the organization may have a gap. Much of the connectivity space still executes wholesale business introductions to new carrier partners via references. There is no systemic way to quickly and reliably identify which carrier partners may actually be able to serve a specific location and existing toolsets provide little to no value. Moreover, even if carrier relations could identify a new network partner, there is no out of the box solution to help with organizing partner coverage.

Telecom partner serviceable locations are still communicated in spreadsheets or via email, among other communication mechanisms, from the partner network providers and with varying degrees of data quality.

Connected2Fiber is built to solve these carrier relations challenges associated with identifying and managing partner network coverage. Not only will the platform help identify optimal network partners by location to drive down costs but it will help sales teams participate in as many deals as possible by ensuring network providers can service all required locations either themselves or via partners.

Specifically, The Connected World’s Identify capability enables network providers to:

Identify New Network Partners Through Location-Specific Search Capabilities

The Connected World provides carrier relations teams with the capability to search (single queries or in bulk) locations of interest and retrieve network providers that can service those locations – whether it’s a TelcoCo, CableCo, or Competitive Provider at the location or nearby. This enables carrier relations teams to confidently identify potentially new network partnerships that can help with deal flow and profit margins.

Manage Partner Network Coverage In One Place

The platform allows carrier relations teams to manage all of their partner network building lists in one place. Prior to onboarding a partner building list into the system, the building locations are cleansed so the location data is easily referenceable and consistently clean. This enables carrier relations teams to quickly identify the most ideal partners to work with to service a particular location. If a network provider has carrier partners within The Connected World, Connected2Fiber will broker a direct connection between the two instances via an internal API so communication of locations is seamless. No longer do carrier relations teams need to struggle with organizing and managing their partner building lists to make optimal decisions around purchasing and the ability to service a location.

Configure & Control New Partnership Pipelines

The Connected World empowers carrier relations teams to configure and control their network partnership information flow by providing capabilities such as rejecting or accepting new building lists by partner, deciding on whether or not to publish the list to their instance, manually uploading a building list, and more. This ensures that not only are all partner serviceable locations within the network provider’s instance cleaned and conformed to address standards, but they are desirable to the network provider and their movement in and out of the instance is controllable.

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