Network Planning

Data-Driven Planning
For Network Route Expansion

Planning for the construction of a new network route and the deployment of sales resources along that route to monetize it can be a daunting task. However, it is also a critical activity given the high capital expenditure related to laying out a new connectivity path.

Network planning is typically supported by a lot of engineering technologies to determine optimal routes, but building a data-driven business case for that route is much more difficult. Most network providers do not have the information or technology to accurately assess economic potential of a newly constructed route. This could lead to poor financial outcomes. Moreover, even if network planning was executed correctly from a build perspective, the monetization strategy for that new route may be a hurdle for sales organizations.

Often, it’s difficult to assess, for instance, how many direct sales resources need to be deployed along that new route and where each of them should focus. Connected2Fiber injects intelligence and automation into network planning so network providers can build and plan for monetizing new network routes through accurate, actionable location intelligence.

Planning Demo for Network Providers

Need a new solution for planning the build and monetization strategy for new routes?

Specifically, The Connected World’s Planning capability enables network providers to:

Build a business case for proposed network routes using location-based insight

With just a few clicks within Connected2Fiber’s platform, sales teams will get immediate insight into the revenue potential of a proposed network route – ultimately making it easier to build a business case. This includes location-based insight into the estimated telecommunications spend for tenants in a building along the proposed route or in all of the buildings along the route.

Deploy the right amount and type of sales resources

Once network route planning for the construction of a new route is complete and the business case is approved, sales teams are often tasked with determining how to deploy the right amount and type of sales resources to monetize the new build. The Connected World delivers on-demand insight to empower sales leaders to understand the market – including the amount and type of buildings and prospects that reside in the market, the total estimated telecommunications spend in the market, the competitors present in the market, and more. This ultimately helps sales leadership decide how many sales representatives should cover the territory, who they should be, and where they should deploy.

Stay up-to-date with changing market dynamics

Markets are never static and network providers shouldn’t be either when it comes to network planning. The Connected World is a continuously updated platform for network providers to use to revisit network build decisions and sales resource allocation decisions as time progresses. Unlike static, point-in-time data sources, Connected2Fiber’s platform will always serve up fresh data so true insights can be leveraged as often as needed.

Uniti Fiber

Listen to how Connected2Fiber’s platform has optimized Uniti Fiber’s market participation by automating the distribution of building lists to carriers in their preferred format.

Connected2Fiber provided us with the ability to address multiple carrier requests for building lists in specific formats.

– David Loeffler, VP Wholesale & Wireless Sales