Network Serviceability & Cost

Immediate Access To Partner Network Serviceability, Product, & Pricing Per Location

Far too often, it’s difficult to identify which network partners can service which physical locations and at what price. This is typically due to complications with accessing the most recent partner building lists and rate cards, which tend to be stored in file folders, emails, or within APIs that are difficult to access.

Unfortunately, failure to determine partner network and product availability as well as pricing at a location level can result in increased costs for connectivity and longer-than-needed timeframes for activation. Ultimately, this has a detrimental effect on the customer relationship and profit margin on a sales opportunity.

Connected2Fiber provides immediate access to partner network availability at a location level and surfaces critical data, including pricing on available products at the location.

The capability enables network providers to:


Determine ideal network partners to work with based on their ability to service a location, products available, and pricing. Connected2Fiber’s CPQ capability will use an API to immediately query all partner data sources pertaining to network serviceability and product availability as well as pricing at a location level – whether that data resides within The Connected World platform or externally via a partner API. The results are then returned in a matter of seconds to allow for quick decision making.


Fully Automate Bid Management Process With Suppliers. Within Connected2Fiber’s Bid Management capability, users attempting to quote connectivity from their supplier base can automatically identify bid locations where fallout is likely to occur, or supplier pricing and terms need to change, based on indicators within the CPQ process. They can then search for alternative network providers to satisfy bid requests by leveraging Connected2Fiber’s best-in-class network intelligence. Finally, they’ll be able to communicate with network providers both inside and outside of The Connected World platform via industry-leading messaging functionality in order to satisfy bid requests. The resulting accepted pricing and term information from suppliers will automatically integrate into the relevant quote


Ensure all partner availability, product, and pricing data is up-to-date and immediately accessible. Network providers no longer need to be concerned that they are not getting the best connectivity at the best price on a per location basis because insight from Connected2Fiber is served up immediately upon system inquiry. The Connected World platform will continually keep this insight up-to-date so network providers can be assured data is always current.


Connect to over 30 network provider APIs that will provide real-time partner network availability and product as well as pricing data at a location level. Connected2Fiber’s CPQ capability is built to be the connectivity industry’s central source for all critical market APIs from network providers. The market APIs available for direct connection are constantly growing and include a wide range of operators – from Tier 1 carriers all the way to smaller, regional network providers