The Connected World is the premier mapping and visualization platform from Connected2Fiber. This SaaS platform enables the comprehensive and interactive visualization of network assets which can be effortlessly updated, analyzed, tracked and shared. In addition, the Connected World gives a visual of up-to-date market data to enable you to make informed and empowered decisions about market expansion opportunities.


Building List Manager

Building List Manager moves network operators out of stagnant Excel files and allows them to create automated OnNet and NearNet building lists in real time. Users can program contacts to receive automated, updated building lists mapped in their preferred carrier's formats for their desired frequency, with the ability to track the receipt of such a report.

Building Intelligence

The Building Intelligence Module expands the location record to include detailed information on the tenants within the building and the competitive networks terminated to the building. This competitive perspective offers sales teams the ability to target activities with actionable insight.

Building Manager

The Building Manager Module expands the location record to include detailed information on the building/tower, including ownership, size and contacts. Included is a Building Access Agreement tracking tool to manage the fiber activity with the site; including Building Access Agreements, Easements, Laterals, Riser Cable and Demarcation Points.

Network Radar

Network Radar is a carrier relations platform for network operators to receive OnNet and NearNet building lists from partner networks. It also allows them to manage their OffNet relationships with other operators by visualizing [OffNet] circuit inventory and discovery for new networks to interconnect.

Network Finder

Our Network Finder module is a search tool that allows users to look for the LEC (Local Exchange Carriers), cable companies and OnNet fiber providers at a location. It then provides a profile of who those companies are and their product capabilities at that location; with over 2000 companies profiled.

Network Intelligence

The Network Intelligence Module informs network operators of which service providers are located within their on-net and near-net building locations. Thus enabling them to target and compete with greater precision.

Market Explorer

Market Explorer strengthens the account targeting efforts of network providers by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in a given market. This capability provides users with the ability to answer critical business questions in real-time with deep, trusted location intelligence.

Availability Engine API

Availability Engine API allows you to publish your own branded API's to your client’s to share your network location, product and pricing availability. This enables your clients, who can use APIs, the ability to pull single or batch queries in real time. Enabling your clients via the Availability Engine not only creates the opportunity to improve participation, it provides the critical insight into demand that you need to grow.

Enterprise Profiler

Enterprise Profiler delivers unparalleled account visibility to network providers by providing deep insight into the physical locations and technology stack used by a prospect as well as their ability to service the account. The level of insight contributed by the module will further help platform users make their sales prospecting efforts more efficient and effective.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

CPQ is a cloud-based product catalog and quoting tool that enables users to quickly and intelligently create price quotes with automation, combined with granular, location-based insights.

Need help?

If you are looking to drive growth as a network provider, we want to help you. If your location data is locked in engineering tools. If market intelligence is sitting with a handful of key people and not embedded in your sales process. If your sales productivity is lower than you want, we want to help you. Our team of Location Intelligence Specialists provide dedicated, fast, and helpful customer experience at each stage of growth with The Connected World.