Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

CPQ is a cloud-based product catalog and quoting tool that enables users to quickly and intelligently create price quotes with automation, combined with granular, location-based insights.

Automated Pricing & Quoting Workflows

Quoting procedures in the connectivity space are currently heavily manual and reliant on email, spreadsheets, and personal networks. These inefficiencies ultimately lead to lost opportunities due to untimeliness of responses and a decrease in win rates and margin due to a “peanut butter spread” approach to pricing. Connected2Fiber CPQ solves these critical challenges and replaces spreadsheet-based, manual quoting with robust Configure Price Quote functionality, and ensures that sales teams always have the most up-to-date, accurate product and pricing information, combined with comprehensive, location-based data.

Increased Productivity

CPQ increases reduces quoting time from weeks to minutes by leveraging Connected2Fiber’s market data related to serviceability and a robust product catalog and rules engine for any given commercial location. CPQ’s intersection analysis will confidently qualify whether or not a bid would be a good fit with a network footprint in the first place.

Improved ‘Win’ Rates

Win rates on quotes are drastically improved by leveraging trusted, location-specific competitive and on-demand data to identify price points needed to secure a deal.

Optimized Profit Margins

CPQ optimizes price points and margins by quoting on a per-location basis. It can standardize pricing through a variety of dimensions such as by product, speed, connectivity status, competitive environment, entity type, geography, and distance to location.

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