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Improve Sales Effectiveness with Enterprise Intelligence

Today’s selling professionals need real time, up to date intelligence on their targeted accounts. Account based selling (ABS) is one of the hottest B2B sales trends in 2018, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. It is changing the sale process and the way that sales teams and individual reps sell. Let’s take a look at what exactly account-based selling is, what is driving this trend, and how sales leaders can use sales enablement to help execute a successful ABS strategy within their organization.

What is Account Based Selling?

Account based selling is a B2B sales model that uses an account-based approach (rather than lead-based or contact-based approach) to predict which companies have the greatest likelihood of purchasing. Sales professionals, from inside sales reps to account executives, focus on a set of highly-targeted, high-value accounts and place all of their efforts into converting them to customers. It’s about targeting the right people with the right campaigns, messaging, and content at the right time.

Enterprise Profiler from Connected2Fiber is the must have ABS tool in your toolkit to drive productivity, increase selling time and focus on the right accounts at the right time.

What is Enterprise Profiler – it is a comprehensive profile of every company you target including what industry, headquarters, website, social media links, current news, network data, including peering and IP use, technologies used from CDN to MX to hosting and cloud platforms all interwoven with location data and your network reach score compared.

This strategy places quality over quantity, as opposed to a one-size-fits all approach that prioritizes high volume activities such as cold calling and mass emailing. Instead, sales is able to be methodical, maximize their efforts, and extract the most value from their sales activities. This more strategic approach increases effectiveness since prospects throughout the company are being hit via multiple channels and are (ideally) conducting internal conversations.

According to Sales Hacker, an account-based sales approach generates higher win-rates, shorter deal cycles, and larger deal sizes, as well as increases sales efficiency and productivity.

Enterprise Profiler presents a single screen outline of an enterprise built specifically for the connectivity industry, allowing network operators to search for a company by name and get an overview of their locations, network information, profile, news and key technology driving demand. With Enterprise Profiler, you can correlate this information and communicate quickly back to your prospects. This provides actionable insight into the full network reach capabilities of enterprises.

Actionable Insight

Intelligently identify which sites can be served on-net, near-net, or through off-net partners. Intersection analysis with your network, partners reach and what is near-net in less than 60 seconds, even for the largest enterprises, with the Connected2Fiber proprietary Network Reach Score.

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