Network Finder

Get Answers to Your Last Mile Questions in Real Time

When prospecting a particular commercial location, you’ll need necessary information on building demographics and network connectivity capabilities. You will want to answer questions such as:

  • Who is in the building?
  • Which of the 1000’s of US based network operators can or are servicing a location?
  • Am I partnered with the right providers already? If not, who are they and where else do they serve?

Without a searchable database of this information, it could take your team days to aggregate this information. Days that prospective clients are not willing to wait.

Connected2Fiber’s Network Finder Module enables users to search any US commercial location and instantly retrieve detailed, accurate data on the network service providers that serve that location – from the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) and cable company to OnNet and NearNet fiber providers. With over 2,000 US network operators profiled, Network Finder is the most trusted repository for accurate network data available.

Network Finder Features


Instantly find out which network service providers are connected where – spanning LECs, cable companies, fiber operators and more.


Access granular profiles on over 2,000 US network service providers.


Instantly and easily search locations to determine current and potential providers. Upload locations in bulk to further accelerate the discovery process.

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