Network Intelligence

Competitive Insights Into OnNet and NearNet Locations

Network intelligence gives network operators visibility into each service provider operating along their OnNet and NearNet fiber routes, allowing them to adapt and market their offerings to meet competitive demands.

As organizations become more digital and require greater connectivity capabilities, the telecom industry is becoming more competitive to win this business by meeting digital needs. As a result, network providers not only need to be aware of their own existing infrastructure and abilities, but also have competitive information on service providers in the vicinity of their OnNet and NearNet locations.

The Network Intelligence Module informs network operators of which service providers are located within their OnNet and NearNet building locations. This enables them to target and compete with greater precision.

Increase Revenue

In-depth data on buildings is essential for strategic planning and driving top-line revenue.

Demand-Based Focus

Location intelligence allows network providers to shift their focus to meet specific needs.

Set Competitive Pricing

Visibility into competing service providers, for OnNet and NearNet buildings, can be leveraged for favorable base pricing.

Competitive Insight

Get the competitive insight of knowing who is already servicing a building, and who has close proximity to a building, to inform users of their full network offerings.

Get competitive insight into the service providers at your OnNet and NearNet locations with Connected2Fiber.