Deal Prioritization

Discover Ideal Sales Targets With Location-Based Insights

Sales prospecting in the connectivity space is a time-consuming and challenging task that relies heavily on manual efforts to assemble intelligence and plan daily activities. Often, this type of work is expected of both sales and marketing teams to target ideal customers within their network’s coverage area. Unfortunately, the lack of automation in these tasks has led to a severe slowdown in sales productivity since individual sales representatives are spending too many hours planning their activities and not enough time actually selling.

This problem is compounded when the data being used for sales prospecting isn’t trusted or comprehensive enough to be effective. Too often, sales teams are leveraging data on prospects or competitors within their coverage area that is obsolete, inaccurate, expensive, and far too generic to be useful. The result is wasted prospecting efforts, and ultimately revenue opportunity, that’s due to poor data quality.

Connected2Fiber maximizes sales productivity for network providers by helping them prioritize opportunities with the highest potential win rate. By surfacing trusted, comprehensive, location-based insight in easy-to-use application workflows, sales teams can quickly identify and prioritize their best targets – ultimately driving more revenue.

Specifically, The Connected World’s Prioritize capability enables network providers to:

Immediately Gain Location-Specific Insight Into Buildings Along Their Network

With just a few clicks within the platform, network provider sales teams can access best-in-class, location-specific data about buildings along their network route. Specifically, The Connected World surfaces extensive details on networks and tenants at a location level. This data includes attributes such as building category (e.g. Commercial, Health Care, Data Center, etc.), distance from route, competitive rating (e.g. High, Medium, Low), number of tenants, etc. The data will detail, for instance, any connectivity provider (whether it’s a Telco, CableCo, or Competitive Provider) that can service a location or a nearby location, so sales teams understand the entire relevant competitive landscape at a location-level. It will also provide deep tenant insight into their scope of the business, estimated network spend per year, and existing technology stack so sales can have informed conversations. Sales teams no longer have to worry about wasting precious time and resources on opportunities that aren’t a fit because they didn’t have the insight ahead of time.

Automate Sales & Marketing Activities

Connected2Fiber’s trusted location intelligence feeds easy-to-use, intuitive applications designed for sales prospecting efforts. Leveraging the location-based data, sales teams can easily filter on highly impactful attributes to quickly create their list of sales targets and plan their activities. For example, within seconds, a sales representative covering Reston, VA can use the platform to visualize all buildings that are serviceable by their company’s network in Reston, contain tenants within the HealthCare space, spend a certain amount on network each year, and are only currently served by the existing Telco and CableCo.

Continuously Build Their Sales Prospecting Capabilities

The Connected World can also add in “layers” of data to its graphical interface to enhance efforts to target ideal sales prospects. For instance, sales teams can view shareable US and International Network Routes along their area of interest, visualize LEC Boundaries, identify FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Eligible Areas, and much more. Alternatively, customers can bring their data to be imported to help with sales prospecting.

Prioritize Demo for Network Providers

Do you struggle with prioritizing and determining which deals are the most qualified deals to pursue?

Qualify and Prioritize RFP Responses

Sales organizations within network providers often generate revenue growth through Request for Proposal (RFP) responses. Internal teams will work with partners and enterprises to communicate their network coverage of end-user sites to actively participate in deal flow. While participating in RFPs is a high focal point for network providers, many are not architected for success. Specifically, often most of the work on RFPs is done manually and with spreadsheets. Sales teams will work on cross-referencing locations within an RFP with a list of their serviceable areas. Unfortunately, issues like the inability to generate a comprehensive serviceable building list, poor address data, and human error result in too slow RFP responses that are not always accurate, directly impacting revenue growth.

Connected2Fiber solves critical challenges associated with RFP responses for network providers by providing the ability to immediately determine an RFP’s fit with a network provider’s coverage. With this insight, RFP’s can quickly be qualified and prioritized so sales teams can participate in not only more RFPs but also the correct RFPs for them, leading to increased deal flow and win rates.


Specifically, The Connected World’s Prioritize capability enables network providers to:

Immediately Identify Network Intersection Points With RFP Locations

Using a very intuitive application, sales teams at network providers can search for an enterprise to view all of their physical locations worldwide and immediately identify all of the specific enterprise locations that the network provider can service. This automated “intersection analysis” quickly lets sales teams know the percentage of locations that they can serve of that customer if they are responding to an RFP. The intersection analysis itself takes into account and details a network provider’s on-net, near-net, and partner locations so coverage can be both trusted and maximized. The application can also easily filter on just the intersected locations so they can be pushed to a CPQ tool or simply downloaded.

Gain Insight Into Enterprise Fit

Qualifying and prioritizing RFP responses doesn’t end with identifying intersecting locations. Sales teams also need to understand if the enterprise itself is a fit for their offerings. The Connected World helps with this by providing granular detail to virtually any enterprise to help qualify RFPs. Specifically, the platform surfaces reliable data on the company’s location, revenue, employee count, latest news, technology stack, hosting stack, and much more.

Seamlessly Move From Prospecting To Quoting

The integrated nature of The Connected World applications allows a network provider to move quickly from RFP response prioritization to the CPQ process with just a few clicks of a button. Once RFPs are prioritized based on intersection analysis and overall company fit, sales teams can move the ideal bid locations into a CPQ workflow with The Connected World to quickly respond to high priority RFPs and secure the order using location-specific pricing and scalable quoting capabilities.

Granite Telecommunications

Hear how Granite Telecommunications has been able to prioritize and speed up their response times for RFPs by using network and tenant insights in the Connected2Fiber platform.

After our initial investment in Connected2Fiber, our response times on RFPs for special projects went from days to hours.

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations