Product Catalog

Dynamic, Location-Specific Product Product Catalog For Connectivity

Pricing out connectivity by leveraging a reliable product catalog is a very difficult process. Much of this is due to a lack of visibility around the dynamics of a location of interest – including how serviceable the prospect is given the current network footprint, the competitive dynamics at the specific location, and data about a prospect’s budget for connectivity. Compound that with the desire to price based off of sales channels, and you’re left with most network providers simply resorting to “peanut butter spread” pricing strategies in their product catalog. Unfortunately, this approach often leads to poor results where network providers are either pricing themselves out of a sales opportunity or unnecessarily giving up profit margin by pricing too low.

When network providers do invest in pricing tools, they frequently find that the pricing logic is far too opaque and difficult to change. Moreover, the pricing logic itself doesn’t have the ability to bring location-specific data to bear in order to create ideal pricing logic. Finally, many providers are finding that the CPQ solutions are simply no economically justifiable for all of the fees continuously being paid.

Connected2Fiber provides a dynamic, location-specific product catalog for the connectivity space to overcome all of these challenges.

With The Connected World’s product catalog capabilities, organizations can:


Build out a comprehensive product and pricing catalog for their offerings and those of their suppliers. The product catalog can support a growing variety of connectivity types – everything from Ethernet to Dark Fiber to Broadband – so its flexible enough to incorporate any connectivity-based offering.


Customize pricing logic based on sales channel – whether it be wholesale, enterprise, agent community, etc. Now, network providers can feel confident and empowered to customize product pricing for certain partners and deliver it reliably.


Create a product catalog with customized pricing logic based off of location-specific dynamics – such as network build status, media type, competitive rating, building category, geography, and more. Network providers can now be sure that pricing is optimized at a location level and they will price to win deals while not giving up profit margin.


Integrate and flow pricing logic into other systems (e.g. Connected2Fiber Quoting, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) via Connected2Fiber’s API stack. Connected2Fiber’s CPQ solution can integrate easily within an enterprise’s application environment, delivering agility to the customer.