Why Building Intelligence is Necessary to Compete in Modern Networking Environments

The network sales process moves quickly. When prospective clients, whether organizations, building owners, or commercial real estate firms, reach out to network sales teams, they are looking for a fast response to get connectivity built into their location within a reasonable time frame… read more

04th April 2018

The Need for Location Intelligence During Digital Transformation

Access to current location intelligence has become the number one priority of the telecommunications industry. Advanced mapping and real-time location analytics show new market opportunities, reveal ways to maximize return on network investments, and support excellent service delivery. Additionally, location intelligence empowers innovative telecommunication players with increased sales, decreased risk, and added market share, finding where network investments will bring high-revenue growth. This is why 70 percent of telecommunications companies consider location intelligence business critical and necessary for continued success…read more

21st February 2018
Metro Connect

5 Key Themes & Takeaways from #MetroConnect2018

Last week, Connected2Fiber headed to Miami for the Metro Connect 2018 conference, hosted by Capacity Media. Metro Connect brings many of the top telecom industry leaders together in one space to network, collaborate, and forecast where fiber and connectivity are headed. This year boasted top attendance, with more than 600 senior-level industry attendees and 250… read more

08th February 2018
connected2fiber blog

Top 3 Industries & Trends That Will Impact Telecommunications in 2018

The telecom industry has been a largely behind the scenes enabler to the advancements in other industries. Across verticals, organizations are driving technical innovations and building the digital economy using connectivity provided by their network operators. This spans healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and more. It is nearly impossible to think of an industry that is not leveraging the power of connectivity. …read more

22nd January 2018

Connected2Fiber Raises $8 Million in Series A Funding

BOSTON, Jan. 16, 2018 — Connected2Fiber, provider of the leading SaaS platform used by B2B connectivity providers to manage and transform market data, announced today that it has closed $8 million in additional funding from Ascent Venture Partners, Nauta Capital, NXT Ventures and Osage Venture Partners. The Series A round follows a period of sustained and rapid growth for Connected2Fiber over the past two years, as location management and marketing has increasingly become a must-have for modern marketers in the connectivity industry…read more

16th January 2018

Managing Fiber Connectivity Sales

Today, the success of commercial real estate is closely linked to telecommunications infrastructure. To fill these buildings with corporate tenants, building management has to be able to provide high-speed connectivity. For today’s modern enterprises, the ideal infrastructure is fiber connectivity due to its superior speed and bandwidth capabilities.
No business will move into a building that cannot provide connectivity. Therefore, to achieve the best return on investment – building management, commercial real-estate firms, and other enterprise organizations are eager to be in contact with network operators early in the building process…read more

04th January 2018

Connectivity Opportunities Offered by OnNet, NearNet and OffNet Building Lists

As organizations are becoming more reliant on the internet and cloud computing to run applications and host and store data, fast and reliable connectivity is no longer an option – it is a necessity.
This reliance boasts a huge opportunity for fiber optic network providers, as fiber is increasingly being regarded as the fastest option with the greatest bandwidth capabilities. However, capitalizing on these opportunities can be resource intensive for providers as they select where to build connectivity. This is because in order to offer…read more

14th December 2017

Market Intelligence in the Age of Ubiquitous Connectivity

In business, where knowledge is power, running a company without market intelligence is akin to driving at night without a navigation system or headlights. Entering a new geographic market segment or channel? Planning to launch a new service or product? Market intelligence provides the knowledge needed to accomplish these objectives with insight, clarity of vision and confidence… read more

21st November 2017

Meet Connected2Fiber’s Newest Team Member!

Joe Becce is Connected2Fiber’s new Director of Sales. With over thirty-five years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he brings with him a comprehensive knowledge of the business and a strong talent for enhancing the performance of others…read more

09th October 2017

Now More Than Ever, Location Matter’s In The Connected World

Over the past twenty years, enterprises across every industry sector and of every size have come to rely upon connectivity as a critical tool to operate and grow their businesses. Over the past twenty years companies have gone through a shifting cycle of strategic, commodity to strategic service once again when managing and leveraging connectivity for… read more

26th September 2017

Webinar : How OPTK Networks Cut Deal Response Time by 50% With One Source of Location Truth Register