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The Connected2Fiber Customer Spotlight Webinar Series is a collection of short webinars told through the eyes of our customers. Hear directly how they are transforming their businesses with Connected2Fiber’s Connected World platform.

How Horizon Uses Location Data to Drive Network Expansion Business Cases.

Thursday, May 28, 2020 | 2pm EST | 1pm CST | 11am PST
Speaker: Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products & Sales Engineering, Horizon

Event Overview:

Many network providers today are lacking the right tools to help them prospect customers or plan network buildouts. They may be gathering information through manual methods or they may be swivel chairing from one tool to another. In this new era of innovation, planning needs to be smarter and quicker. In particular, network providers looking to invest in and build new network need to carefully consider both costs and revenue of a build. How are they building their business cases for network builds? Are they realistically assessing the connections along the route and getting a good understanding of who would want or need their services? How do they know they are making the right strategic decisions and optimizing their plans?

Presenter Information:

Brandon Tessau
Sales Manager

About Horizon
Based in Columbus, Ohio, Horizon is a leading fiber-optic broadband carrier operating in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. The extensive network offers high speed Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, dark fiber, wavelength and data center services primarily to business customers. Horizon’s entrepreneurial heritage, dating back 125 years, and long-standing commitment to remarkable customer care, ensures its devotion to connecting customers to their worlds through the delivery of cutting-edge fiber-optic technology.

About Connected2Fiber
Connected2Fiber is the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers. The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers users to leverage that insight to automate go-to-market processes around deal identification, account prioritization, and product pricing.

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