Upcoming Events

PTC ’21

January 17-20 | PTC’21: New Realities from 17 to 20 January 2021 will now be held only online. Don't miss Ben Edmond as a panelist on Jan 20 at 3pm ET.
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How To Automate the Bid Management Process

January 21st | CEO Ben Edmond will lead the next "How To" webinar to discuss how Connected2Fiber equips connectivity providers with a comprehensive platform to buy and sell networks, including the ability to manage the RFP process.
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How FiberLight Empowers Self-Service Channel Selling

January 27 | In this webinar, FiberLight, a fiber infrastructure operator building and operating mission-critical high-bandwidth networks, will discuss how they are providing partners and carriers easy access to FiberLight's serviceability, product and pricing information.
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