The 2018 INCOMPAS Show

October 29th -31th, 2018

We provide internet service providers with the intelligence and data necessary to remain competitive and maximize ROI by extending reach with custom offerings.

What to Expect at INCOMPAS:

INCOMPAS, the Internet and Competitive Networks Association, represents a variety of communications, internet, and technology companies with the goal of fostering innovation and development in the space. The INCOMPAS show brings together leaders across these industries to network and extend reach through collaboration.

Attendees at the show can expect to hear about best practices and major trends affecting ISPs, technology companies, and communication providers, including:

How to Optimize Network Investments: Networks have high initial buy-in costs, meaning that operators need to evaluate potential expansions based on consumer needs and the competitive landscape. Learn how network operators can make the most of their network investments by optimizing network planning strategies and leveraging existing infrastructure.

5G Deployments: Network operators and partners will discuss the foundational elements that must be in place to enable 5G deployment. Attendees will learn strategic network planning and management techniques to for efficient 5G rollout.

US Telecom Forbearance Petition: Discuss the impact that this petition will have on your organization and its ability to serve customers.


October 29th, 2018

October 31th, 2018

Aria Resort, Las Vegas