Indatel Business Symposium

June 4th - 7th 2018

Connected2Fiber works with Indatel and its Member Affiliates to automate their building lists through Building List Manager.

The Indy Business Symposium brings together Indatel’s Affiliate and Supplier Members for networking and learning, with an emphasis on industry relevant information.

Use Cases for Member Family Networks Connected2Fiber helps network operators grow through The Connected World platform, by providing competitive insight, location intelligence, and the automation necessary to maximize sales and marketing resources.

  • Building List Manager: Ensures that your on-net and near-net building lists are automatically updated, removing the need to devote extensive time and resources to researching, updating, and formatting these lists.

    Typically, this arduous, manual process only allows updates every nine months; meaning operators are missing out on opportunities. Building List Manager allows operators the efficiency to accelerate revenue potential and the up-to-date, real time ability to take advantage of opportunities when they occur.

  • Network Radar: Keeps operators informed of the on-net and near-net capabilities of their partners with automatically updated building lists. This expedites how operators find new networks with which to connect, expanding their network reach capabilities.
  • Building Intelligence: Gives operators valuable, detailed data on the tenants in each building beyond the basic firmographics. Find out what products and services these tenants need, and the competitive insights into who else is terminated into the location.


Start : June 4th End : June 7th

Venue: Embassy Suites, Indianapolis, IN