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Access Point, Inc. Partners with Connected2Fiber to Leverage the Connected World SAAS Platform

Boston, MA – September 5, 2018 – Connected2Fiber, a SaaS platform built for the connectivity and cloud infrastructure industry to improve the ability to connect, has signed an agreement with Access Point, Inc., a complete business communications provider offering multiple services nationwide. Access Point, long known for its strong technology
reputation, is enabling The Connected World from Connected2Fiber platform to improve the speed and effectiveness in their go- to-market process…read more

Ben Edmond

Podcast: In a world of BIG DATA – Location Data is KING

August 28, 2018 // Big Data, Don Witt, Podcasts, Press Releases

With the implementation of 5G and wireless being pushed to the edge of the network, accessibility to location information is becoming more and more accurate about more and more people and things. Capturing this information is a treasure trove of data for retailers, vendors, carriers and anyone that wants to sell product.

Listen in as Ben Edmond Founder and CEO of Connected2Fiber delves into the enabling technology and the various ways to collect and use the data collected with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication… read more

Why Operators Should Think ‘Location-First’

5G, cloud-based apps and emerging tech will drive buildout decisions

THE CONNECTIVITY SPACE has been experiencing sever¬al mega-trends that will profoundly change the way participants architect their go-to-market strategies. Among these trends are 5G, the shift to cloud-based applications and the pushing of content to the edge… read more

Connected2Fiber Releases Enterprise Profiler to Deliver Unprecedented Insight into Location Serviceability

Boston, MA – July 23, 2018 – Connected2Fiber, a leading cloud platform built for the connectivity industry, announced today the launch of their newest module, Enterprise Profiler. As a core component of The Connected World Platform, Enterprise Profiler
delivers unparalleled account visibility to network providers by providing deep insight into the… read more

Connected2Fiber Improves B2B Account Targeting With The Launch Of Market Explorer

Boston, MA – July 16, 2018 – Connected2Fiber, a leading cloud platform built for the connectivity industry, announced today the launch of their newest module, Market Explorer. Integrated into The Connected World Platform, Market Explorer strengthens the account targeting efforts of network providers by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for… read more

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