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Telcos: Become Data Driven or Get Left Behind

By Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder Of Connected2Fiber, May 13, 2019

The telecommunications sector has historically had a reputation as being a technology adoption laggard. While the industry produces some of the most critical infrastructure for running cutting-edge applications, the companies that comprise the space are often still stuck in a world of spreadsheets, manual processes, and outdated technology. In particular, critical go-to-market activities are often built off poorly constructed lists and human relationships. While sub-par market visibility and process inefficiencies damage growth prospects in the short term, this is nothing compared to the market share network operators… read more

Connected2Fiber Launches Network Finder For The Agent Community

Master agents and sub-agents can easily search commercial locations to determine on-net and near-net network service providers

Boston, MA – April 16th, 2019 – Connected2Fiber, the Industry Cloud for Connectivity, announced today the launch of its stand-alone Network Finder capability for the agent community. Connected2Fiber’s Network Finder module enables users to search virtually any commercial location in the United States and instantly retrieve detailed, accurate data on the Network service providers that serve that location – from the Location Exchange Carrier (LEC)… read more

location intelligence

Location Intelligence: Transforming The Way Service Providers Partner and Sell

By Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder Of Connected2Fiber, January 19, 2019

Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber, explores how location Intelligence is transforming the way service providers partner and sell…

Growth is a popular topic in any business, but no industry is exactly like telecommunications.The vertical is a very physical one that focuses on building out expensive connectivity, and the players are very fragmented with many national, regional, and local participants. Thriving in this environment requires developing a trusted ecosystem… read more

CPQ Tool

Connected2Fiber Launches Intelligent CPQ Tool

New cloud solution brings advanced price optimization into automated Configuration Price Quotation (CPQ) workflow for the connectivity industry

Boston, MA – January 21, 2019Connected2Fiber the leading cloud platform built for the connectivity industry, announced today the launch of their newest product, Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). CPQ is a cloud-based product catalog and quoting tool that enables users to quickly and intelligently create price quotes with automation, combined with granular, location-based insights… read more

Ben Edmond

How To Make The Push To The ‘Edge’ A Key Growth Driver

January 14, 2019 – by Ben Edmond, Connected2Fiber
As investment expands for distributed infrastructure, data center and network operators need to invest in location intelligence to make the push to the edge a growth driver for them. It’s unquestionable that investment in data center infrastructure will continue for the foreseeable future. For quite some time, the investment was primarily in massive data centers consolidated in strategic locations (e.g. Ashburn, VA) to serve up a variety of internet-based services… read more