Identify All Serviceable Locations – Both On-Net, Near-Net, and Partner Owned

Network providers have often struggled to easily identify their total addressable market of serviceable buildings. They may have a solid grasp of most of their on-net locations (or, locations that they are connected into) by pulling data from any number of internal systems or mapping tools but often have a more difficult time pinning down their near-net opportunities (or, locations that they can service which are not connected to their network route but rather in close proximity to it).

Capturing near-net buildings systematically and continuously ultimately results in more potential revenue opportunity – as those locations can be leveraged by the wholesale selling team in communicating out network coverage in addition to the direct selling team engaging with those buildings directly.

Connected2Fiber helps network providers identify all of their near-net locations by leveraging location-specific data on millions of commercial buildings.

The Connected World’s Identify capability enables network providers to:

Quickly Identify All Near-Net Buildings Along A Network Provider's Route

The platform’s near-net analysis capability will take a prospect’s KMZ file that details its network route information and automatically identify all buildings up to 2,000 ft from the network route. The resulting network identification output is clean, formatted location addresses that can be used in a variety of go-to-market activities.

Leverage Additional Near-Net Locations In The Selling Process

Once The Connected World identifies all near-net buildings for a network provider, they are stored along with on-net buildings in a personalized instance within the platform to be leveraged for wholesale selling opportunities. The near-net buildings will also appear in all applications used to prioritize RFPs and direct sales prospecting efforts within a geographic territory.

Maintain An Up-To-Date View Of Their Addressable Market

The Connected World’s near-net capabilities allow a network provider to continuously keep their near-net building list up-to-date due to the technology-based approach to refreshing the list. This is in stark contrast to studies or manual mapping exercises that take time to execute and may not justify a refresh.

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