Building List Manager

Increase Participation with OnNet and NearNet Building List Automation

For network operators to maximize their marketing and sales investment, they need building lists that are regularly updated with data on connected buildings and their coverage status, while also formatting those lists to key customer and channel requirements. The industry status quo is to manually aggregate and distribute this data, a process that can take as long as nine months to complete.

With Connected2Fiber’s Building List Manager, network operators get dynamic, data informed OnNet and NearNet building lists that they can update at their desired frequency. Building List Manager moves network operators out of Excel and email, and allows them to program the automatic distribution of their coverage data to wholesale, channel, and large enterprise clients in their preferred carrier formats in seconds.

The efficiency provided by Building List Manager drives revenue by ensuring that all of your locations are up-to-date in your partners’ databases, enabling them to increase their network reach and connectivity to their customers.

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Current Data

Lists are built on dynamic configuration of building category, geography, and/or connected status to ensure your data is current.

Automated Formatting and Distribution

Accelerate revenue potential for new locations by automating fiber information sharing and distribution of new locations in customers required format.

Increased Partner Visibility

Maximize your partnerships and revenue by providing prospects and customers access to The Connected World to view your routes, buildings, and product availability.

API Integrations

Open availability API for clients to share real-time information, access building coverage and product availability, as well as other key information.

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