Market Explorer

Improve B2B Targeting with Customized Search Capabilities for One or More Locations

Market Explorer strengthens the account targeting efforts of network providers by enabling users to dynamically define search parameters, including firmographics and network presence, for a set of locations in a given market. This capability provides users with the ability to answer critical business questions in real-time that require deep, trusted location intelligence.

Enhanced Sales Prospecting Activities

More accurately identify sales prospects where the greatest opportunities exist, leading to increased revenue and sales acceleration.

Accurate Pricing Decisions

Optimize product pricing down to the building-level, based on competition and other viewable market data.

More Effective Marketing Campaigns

The granular filtering and search capabilities of Market Explorer will help identify high-yield target businesses for marketing campaigns – ultimately generating a higher ROI.

Customized Search Parameters

Tailor search parameters for any location, or set of locations, such as the number of tenants in a building, the revenue of those tenants, number of employees, and network spend levels. Retrieval data is focused on the three key dimensions of geography, buildings, and tenants to enable flexibility and context in the search process.

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