Near Net Analysis

Identify All Of Your Near-Net Opportunities

Connected2Fiber’s Near-Net Analysis offering uses deep, location-based insight to identify locations within close proximity to a network service provider’s route.

The analysis is performed as a service, using Connected2Fiber’s datasets coupled with the service provider’s routes, and returns a display of all locations that are within a pre-defined proximity of that network service provider’s route.

Capture All Locations

Unlike most studies, Connected2Fiber’s Near-Net Analysis will capture all locations within the pre-defined distance band using granular, location-based insights

Customizable Distance Bands

Select the preferred distance from a route when identifying all near-net locations

Automated Formatting and Distribution

Accelerate revenue potential for new locations by automating fiber information sharing and distribution of new locations in customers required format.

Route Definition Flexibility

Network service provider routes do not have to be existing to conduct a Near-Net Analysis. They can also include planned routes and more

Integration With Connected World

The Near-Net Analysis can be integrated into My Buildings within a network service provider’s instance of The Connected World

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