Network Radar

Manage Partner Building Lists to Discover New OffNet Connectivity Opportunities

Network Radar helps network providers stay up to date with OnNet and NearNet connectivity offerings from partners through automated building lists. Network Radar also helps providers manage carrier relations with other operators to facilitate the discovery of new networks with which to connect, by bringing lists from OffNet connectivity partners into the Connected World.

Network Radar is a carrier relations SaaS module built to help organize, automate, and engage Partner, OnNet, and NearNet networks. It allows carriers to manage OffNet relationships with other operators by visualizing circuit inventory, building reach, and searching for new networks to leverage.

Building List Automation

Designed for today’s network partner providers to visualize their network assets – fiber routes and buildings – at all times, and keep information current and accessible.

Find New Networks

Gain a market perspective with visibility. Who has network clustering throughout the market? This information highlights potential partners based on location, allowing providers to leverage connectivity while avoiding upfront building costs.

Publish Partner Reach

Share transparently with all employees with an overview of the routes and buildings you can reach through partners. Track product and pricing.

Improved Availability Search

Ensure all buildings loaded follow a standard on-board validation, standardization and enablement, to create an organized, searchable database on fiber availability.

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