Pricing APIs

Easily Publish Pricing To Trusted Partner Systems

Connected2Fiber’s Pricing API capability enables providers to easily publish pricing to trusted partners through an API capability

While the first step in building a trusted partner ecosystem is to enable partner access to location-specific serviceability, adding pricing to the equation takes automation to the next level. By adding pricing to locations being published, network operator partners can now quickly determine the appropriate fit for location needs and more efficiently place orders.

Pricing Data Integration With Partner Systems

No longer worry about partners having up-to-date pricing information in addition to serviceability data. Connected2Fiber’s API stack displays this pricing information as partners query a location.

Extension of Availability Engine API Capabilities

As with many capabilities in The Connected World, Pricing APIs work in conjunction with other capabilities in the platform, specifically the Availability Engine API. In addition to advertising serviceability to a trusted partner ecosystem, with Pricing APIs, automation comes full circle with the publishing of pricing for each location as well

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