Professional Services

With Connected2Fiber’s Professional Services, you get access to more than consultants or data; you get hands-on support from experienced analysts, telecom veterans, and software developers to deliver insights and project success. In addition, you are able to engage with network industry leaders who are highly skilled in implementing innovative systems, understanding market intelligence and analysis know how that result in increased revenue, optimized cost and improved serviceability. This expertise is leveraged to conduct near net analysis, diversity studies, go to market challenges, merger and acquisition diligence, network transformations and more. If you are a network provider, cloud services company, investment company, or enterprise customer and need additional resources to help solve and manage your connectivity challenges and believe leveraging experts, the largest dataset on where network is, Connected2Fiber can serve as your professional services partner, including turnkey network transformation and intelligence support.

Capture All Locations

This analysis ranks and identifies locations within proximity of a network operators existing OnNet footprint.

Record Conversions

Integration, cleansing, and transference of data from multiple sources to reduce complexity and provide meaningful data to drive business opportunities and long-term strategies.

Diversity Studies

Comparison of alternative, diverse carrier paths, and building entry points assuring resiliency in the event of a single network failure.

Line of Site Analysis

Determines reachability of buildings based on location of customer assets.

Market Share Reports

Analytical studies of industry trends, products, and services, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition.

Carrier Relations/Carrier Management

Connected2Fiber can help your company manage your critical telecommunications (carrier-to-carrier or supplier) relationships through short-term or long-term engagements. Leverage our experts with extensive contract management and negotiations expertise to help you review existing/new carrier contracts, compare carrier billing to contracted/tariffed pricing, assist with your carrier RFP’s (responses or publishing), negotiate renewal/changes to existing carrier contracts, and initiate/manage any carrier disputes. Our staff can also help you establish a Carrier Relations role within your company.

Mark to Market

Benchmark your current pricing as a provider or customer with Connected2Fiber’s priority process to identify your current rates and benchmark these rates to market analytics. Leverage as is or what if scenario planning to see opportunities to extract more value to your organization.

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