Customer Spotlights

OPTK Networks

Connected2Fiber provided an automated and data-driven approach to building and selling our offerings. The qualitative impact seen to date has been impressive.”

– Jason Axthelm, VP Business Development


Connected2Fiber’s location engagement platform has become an indispensable tool for various groups across Frontier. We have eliminated emails to support teams for service availability, supplying immediate availability and better partner experience.”

– Maggie Quinn, Director of Operations & Support


With Connected2Fiber we are now able to manage and send out building lists in an automated way, saving time and ensuring we are being considered in as many deals as possible with our partners.

– Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products & Sales Engineering


Connected2Fiber has made countless introductions for us. Connected2fiber delivered and helped us understand all of our serviceable locations. That helped us, in turn, grow our business.

– Brandon Tessau, Sales Manager

Uniti Fiber

Connected2Fiber has helped us develop “smart build” strategies for our enterprise business with in-depth location, tenant and network data. They gave us the ability to look at data in different ways to make quick and quantifiable business decisions.

– Joe Patton, VP Sales, Enterprise


Connected2Fiber provided a centralized location for MetTel’s serviceable locations, both on-net and near net. This allows us to quickly identify location, products and services available without the need to go through multiple data sets or websites.

– Shaul Feinsod, Director, Quote Fulfillment

Crown Castle

Many of the groups within Crown Castle are leveraging the Connected2Fiber platform to automate slow and efficient processes. The platform provides a single, centralized location to store building and pricing data, with Connected2Fiber adding in layers of location intelligence to each address.

– Kevin Murry, Senior Product Manager

Bluebird Network

Bluebird has taken a crawl-walk-run approach to adopting the Connected2Fiber location engagement platform, starting with near-net lists, then near-net and Market Explorer together. With increasing use, we’re seeing more and more benefits to various aspects of the business. We’ve doubled the size of our sales staff over the past year.

– Brian Duffner, Director Solutions Engineering

Mid-Atlantic Broadband

Connected2Fiber expanded our serviceable location list three-fold with near net analysis, from 2,600 on-net locations to almost 9,000 on-netand near net locations.

– Dave Keller, VP, Sales & Business Development & Marketing

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Client Testimonials

Our process was very time consuming and required a lot of follow up. Then when we had the data, six months later, we could be going through the whole process again. We had no way to collect the data, store it or leverage it in the future. We were stuck. Connected2Fiber changed that. It has been nothing short of spectacular.

– Justin Forte, VP of Sales

Our customers rely on us to provide access solutions to all their locations. We needed to know what providers are available? What providers are near net?  We needed this information quickly and reliably. Connected2Fiber was the only platform that had all of this information in one place.

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations

Connected2Fiber has been great. They have personnel that really understand our issues. They’re always willing to get on conference calls with us and work out issues. They give us the best solutions.”

– David Loeffler, Sr. Director of Carrier Sales

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our organization. Connected2Fiber is validating our address lists in days, not weeks. They really care about the people and product set they’re offering in the industry.”

– Julie Dillenbeck, VP of Carrier Relations

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our sales and revenue. With Connected2Fiber we’re able to go into the buildings that have the best tenant counts. We’re able to better understand the competitive landscape and which buildings are best to build to.”

– Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer

How To Videos

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond sheds light on why the market is adopting broadband and its importance in the connectivity space, how Connected2Fiber is solving for challenges around identifying broadband partnerships and the impact of solving for broadband identification and costing issues at a location level.

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses how the Broadband DATA Act will impact connectivity providers and outline the specific changes required of them and how Connected2Fiber’s industry platform can ease the burden of obtaining up-to-date coverage data.

how to webinar

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses the rising need for API-led connectivity and how you can leverage APIs to connect systems like CRMs, billing and your customers. 

Industry Discussion

The Evolution of Pricing in the Connectivity Industry

Watch This Virtual Roundtable Now:

Panelists discuss the importance and evolution of network Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) processes and the technologies in the space – as well as share their perspectives on where things are heading and how to prepare for success as the market evolves.

Reshaping Connectivity Sales in 2020

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Panelists discuss ways that network providers should be shaping their sales processes and teams for success in an increasingly complex marketplace and how digital transformation investments can yield significant returns.

Wave Broadband

Watch This Video:

"With Connected2Fiber our wholesale team is leveraging location intelligence to quickly communicate network coverage to partners. Our business team is leveraging the platform for prospecting, targeting and pricing decisions. We are beyond excited about this."

– Deborah Burditt, Senior Project Manager


Watch This Video:

"Platforms should be nimble enough to deploy in a crawl, walk, run approach. You don’t have to have it perfect to start, just start. Connected2Fiber allows you to get up and running quickly"

– Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer


What we’re hearing from our customers is a desire to more effectively engage with prospects, customers, and partners in the digital sphere

– Mike Collins, VP of Marketing, Connected2Fiber

Let’s cut right to it, our Platform is great, but our ecosystem makes it work. Everyone relies on everyone to be successful. The problem has been that these relationships were managed by a series of manual processes and different standards for data. We’ve automated that process.

– Steve Leavitt, VP of Sales, Connected2Fiber

We solve three primary problems in the industry. Number one is growth. How to grow effectively in the competitive industry that connectivity is. We also solve for location. How to determine your total addressable market. And finally, how to price. How to use price as a strategic level inside of your business.”

– Ben Edmond, CEO, Connected2Fiber