Customer Spotlights

OPTK Networks

Connected2Fiber provided an automated and data-driven approach to building and selling our offerings. The qualitative impact seen to date has been impressive.”

– Jason Axthelm, VP Business Development


Connected2Fiber’s location engagement platform has become an indispensable tool for various groups across Frontier. We have eliminated emails to support teams for service availability, supplying immediate availability and better partner experience.”

– Maggie Quinn, Director of Operations & Support


With Connected2Fiber we are now able to manage and send out building lists in an automated way, saving time and ensuring we are being considered in as many deals as possible with our partners.

– Craig Drinkhall, Director of Products & Sales Engineering


Connected2Fiber has made countless introductions for us. Connected2fiber delivered and helped us understand all of our serviceable locations. That helped us, in turn, grow our business.

– Brandon Tessau, Sales Manager

Uniti Fiber

Connected2Fiber has helped us develop “smart build” strategies for our enterprise business with in-depth location, tenant and network data. They gave us the ability to look at data in different ways to make quick and quantifiable business decisions.

– Joe Patton, VP Sales, Enterprise


Connected2Fiber provided a centralized location for MetTel’s serviceable locations, both on-net and near net. This allows us to quickly identify location, products and services available without the need to go through multiple data sets or websites.

– Shaul Feinsod, Director, Quote Fulfillment

Crown Castle

Many of the groups within Crown Castle are leveraging the Connected2Fiber platform to automate slow and efficient processes. The platform provides a single, centralized location to store building and pricing data, with Connected2Fiber adding in layers of location intelligence to each address.

– Kevin Murry, Senior Product Manager

Bluebird Network

Bluebird has taken a crawl-walk-run approach to adopting the Connected2Fiber location engagement platform, starting with near-net lists, then near-net and Market Explorer together. With increasing use, we’re seeing more and more benefits to various aspects of the business. We’ve doubled the size of our sales staff over the past year.

– Brian Duffner, Director Solutions Engineering

Mid-Atlantic Broadband

Connected2Fiber expanded our serviceable location list three-fold with near net analysis, from 2,600 on-net locations to almost 9,000 on-netand near net locations.

– Dave Keller, VP, Sales & Business Development & Marketing


Providing the best support team on the planet, quick and a modern ticketing experience. The fact that they dedicate those real people, listening to any issues and giving a great experience speaks volumes. ” 

– Justin Forte, Vice President of Sales 



Connected2Fiber is very quick at loading information into our instance. Very cost-effective. We have been able to stay within budget while adding carriers.

– Gregg Rowe, Chief Channel Officer

Hargray Comunications

Kiley Wynne

“In our digital transformation journey, we reached out to C2F to leverage their data and tools in their platform to enhance our project goals. Even during uncertain times, it was very impactful to our business.”

– Kiley Wynne, Director of Carrier Sales


FiberLight Customer Spotlight

We have driven a lot of development in The Connect World platform; driving better profitability. We want to get this in the hands of our partners and providers.

– Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer

LOGIX Fiber Networks

logix customer spotlight

Logix customizes the Connected World platform with multiple layers of data. Offering multiple ways to communicate coverage and pricing information to both internal teams and external partners.

– Joshua Foshee, Sales Engineering Manager


March customer spotlight

The Connected World Platform greatly reduced the amount of time it took to constantly compile building lists into Excel spreadsheets – saving hundreds of labor hours and improving efficiencies.

– Albert Macaluso, Director of Carrier Services

Cox Business

Cox business customer spotlight

“Our use of Connected2Fiber and these API’s played a critical role in enabling us to trim down our overall time to quote by more than 50% on average.”

– Harry McGraw, Project Manager, CB Access Management Cox Business

UPIX Networks

March customer spotlight

With the Connected World we can still work and increase our volume of demand virtually. We didn’t know that the pandemic would come, but fortunately, we had this partner to help us to keep selling and buying internet and I’m really glad.”


– Daniel Oda, COO and CCO



“Connected2Fiber has given us all the tools that we need to make informed decisions about our fiber purchasing and also about how we sell that fiber to our end users.”


– Vincent DePalo, CEO

Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband

The Connected2Fiber platform has helped tremendously in managing our locations and organizing our sales territories. The push pin map has provided our sales team with a visual that they use out in the field to identify buildings and targets in their territory.”  


– Lynn Pope, Sr. Director, Marketing & Sales Operations 


Paxio Customer Spotlight

Connected2Fiber has helped us solve some of these challenges that will really improve the bottom line. Being able to identify where in our footprint there are opportunities to show our brand to better understand who the prospects are and to better communicate advertise to both wholesale partners as well as opportunities in the footprint as we are building out.”  


– Phil Clark, CEO


Summit Broadband

“TailWind’s goal is to simplify lives of clients, and with Connected2Fiber, we are able to do that and enable clients to receive responses and start ordering in less time.”  


– Cinthya Clemente, Quotations Coordinator, Carrier Services


Summit Broadband

“Connected2Fiber fits in perfectly with our strategy and enables us to find partners and understands which partners would be the best fit in a bid. We have most of our major partners loaded into the platform and Connected2Fiber is continuing to connect additional providers within the platform.”  


– Ron Lovern, VP of Sales, Marketing and Operations


Summit Broadband

“Connected2Fiber’s ecosystem has proven extremely valuable for 2pifi as we aimed to get our data available to our MSP partners. Not only is all of the information in one place, but we can share the data out in a number of different ways, depending on how the buyer/partner wants it.”  


– Andrew Kelly, VP of Sales and Implementation

Product Demos

Identify Demo for Network Sellers

Identify Demo for Network Buyers

Prioritize Demo for Network Providers

Pricing Demo for Network Providers

Planning Demo for Network Providers

Client Testimonials

Our process was very time consuming and required a lot of follow up. Then when we had the data, six months later, we could be going through the whole process again. We had no way to collect the data, store it or leverage it in the future. We were stuck. Connected2Fiber changed that. It has been nothing short of spectacular.

– Justin Forte, VP of Sales

Our customers rely on us to provide access solutions to all their locations. We needed to know what providers are available? What providers are near net?  We needed this information quickly and reliably. Connected2Fiber was the only platform that had all of this information in one place.

– Geoff Cookman, Director of Carrier Relations

Connected2Fiber has been great. They have personnel that really understand our issues. They’re always willing to get on conference calls with us and work out issues. They give us the best solutions.”

– David Loeffler, Sr. Director of Carrier Sales

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our organization. Connected2Fiber is validating our address lists in days, not weeks. They really care about the people and product set they’re offering in the industry.”

– Julie Dillenbeck, VP of Carrier Relations

Connected2Fiber has had a very positive impact on our sales and revenue. With Connected2Fiber we’re able to go into the buildings that have the best tenant counts. We’re able to better understand the competitive landscape and which buildings are best to build to.”

– Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer

How To Videos

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond sheds light on why the market is adopting broadband and its importance in the connectivity space, how Connected2Fiber is solving for challenges around identifying broadband partnerships and the impact of solving for broadband identification and costing issues at a location level.

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses how the Broadband DATA Act will impact connectivity providers and outline the specific changes required of them and how Connected2Fiber’s industry platform can ease the burden of obtaining up-to-date coverage data.

how to webinar

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses the rising need for API-led connectivity and how you can leverage APIs to connect systems like CRMs, billing and your customers. 

prospect and prioritize

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses how the Connected World platform allows you to determine Enterprise Fit.

How to power your partner channel

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses how Connected2Fiber can arm service providers with insight and engagement to drive growth with partners.

automate bid management

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond discusses how Connected2Fiber equips connectivity providers with a comprehensive platform to buy and sell network, including the ability to manage the request for pricing process.

how to feb

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss what is location truth and how Connected2Fiber is continuously developing and enriching this location data to enable providers to buy and sell more effectively.

details matter webinar

In this “How To” webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss how The Connected World platform provides transparency and data. He will share how you can obtain that next layer of intelligence in a secure platform that’s becoming the industry standard.

how to sales territory planning

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss how the Connected World platform helps maximize sales productivity.

May How to Webinar

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss how Connected2Fiber’s APIs are becoming a critical part of the network service provider BSS stack. 

how to sales territory planning

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber’s Sales Engineer, Carrie Ferrero, will discuss how buying broadband can increase win rates with Connected2Fiber’s broadband solution.

Automation and Dynamic Rules

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber’s CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss how Connected2Fiber’s CPQ and rules engine capabilities alleviate issues and help sales teams achieve a competitive advantage

Dark Fiber

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber’s CEO, Ben Edmond, will discuss how the many benefits of dark fiber and how to secure it. 

Dark Fiber

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber’s Carrie Ferrero will discuss how the new Bid Management capability in our platform enables providers to fully automate identification and communication with suppliers regarding locations of interest within the quoting process.

Dark Fiber

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond will discuss the challenges associated with responding to RFPs and how The Connected World has helped hundreds of network providers save time and win deals. 

Dark Fiber

In this “How” to webinar, Connected2Fiber CEO Ben Edmond will explore how Connected2Fiber is partnering with network operators to improve customer experience, growth, and profitability. 

Industry Discussion


Beyond the Bill: Broadband Access to All Americans

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In this popular virtual roundtable, panelists from Connected2Fiber, Blackfoot Communications and Horizon discuss broadband access, including stimulus procurement, planning strategies and overall best practices for new infrastructure deployment.

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This webinar explores the trajectory of in-building wireless, from luxury to necessity. Panelists examine the implications on network operators and the evolutionary impact that 5G rollout will ultimately have on in-building wireless infrastructure, applications and user expectations.

The Evolution of Pricing in the Connectivity Industry

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Panelists discuss the importance and evolution of network Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) processes and the technologies in the space – as well as share their perspectives on where things are heading and how to prepare for success as the market evolves.

Reshaping Connectivity Sales in 2020

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Panelists discuss ways that network providers should be shaping their sales processes and teams for success in an increasingly complex marketplace and how digital transformation investments can yield significant returns.

Exploring the Role of Network Fabric for Successful SD-WAN Deployment

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Panelists explore the critical importance of network fabric transparency and why understanding where applications and people are is of critical importance in delivering SD-WAN.

Wave Broadband

Watch This Video:

"With Connected2Fiber our wholesale team is leveraging location intelligence to quickly communicate network coverage to partners. Our business team is leveraging the platform for prospecting, targeting and pricing decisions. We are beyond excited about this."

– Deborah Burditt, Senior Project Manager


Watch This Video:

"Platforms should be nimble enough to deploy in a crawl, walk, run approach. You don’t have to have it perfect to start, just start. Connected2Fiber allows you to get up and running quickly"

– Marc Dyman, Chief Revenue Officer


We’re continuing to drive scale into how our customers are buying network connectivity. There’s no one else that can do [bid management] right now in the marketplace, and we feel like we’re just going to continue to differentiate and push our lead as industry makers in this particular space.”

– Robert Kenney, CRO, Connected2Fiber

What we’re hearing from our customers is a desire to more effectively engage with prospects, customers, and partners in the digital sphere

– Mike Collins, VP of Marketing, Connected2Fiber

Let’s cut right to it, our Platform is great, but our ecosystem makes it work. Everyone relies on everyone to be successful. The problem has been that these relationships were managed by a series of manual processes and different standards for data. We’ve automated that process.

– Steve Leavitt, VP of Sales, Connected2Fiber

We solve three primary problems in the industry. Number one is growth. How to grow effectively in the competitive industry that connectivity is. We also solve for location. How to determine your total addressable market. And finally, how to price. How to use price as a strategic level inside of your business.”

– Ben Edmond, CEO, Connected2Fiber

“Digital Transformation – It is about automating and creating a customer experience that differentiates and allows the connectivity industry to grab more value, participate fully and create these sticky relationships that create fantastic returns for the providers.”

– Ben Edmond, CEO, Connected2Fiber