What to Expect at International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2018

The Connected2Fiber team is excited to be attending this year’s International Telecoms Week (#ITW2018). This global event brings together leaders from the wholesale telecoms industry to build relationships, collaborate, and engage in discussions relating to trends having the greatest impact on the market and how telecoms must adapt to capitalize on these trends.

The Connected2Fiber team will be available for meetings throughout the conference to discuss the many ways in which the Connected World platform can create value to network operators aiming to strategically expand their network reach by leveraging on-net and near-net opportunities.

Key Conversations at ITW 2018

This year’s event comes at a time when collaboration among network providers is more necessary than ever. Organizations across the globe require constantly increasing amounts of connectivity, and no one provider has connectivity in every location.

This need to deliver connectivity at greater speed with enhanced performance everywhere is manifested in four core themes being discussed in the various sessions at the conference. These are SD-WAN, Move to The Edge, 5G, and digital transformation.

  • SD-WAN

SD-WAN will be one of the biggest topics of conversation at ITW. The use of Software Defined Wide Area Networks allows for network operators to decouple last mile connections into a building from the network itself.

The ITW conference provides a space to build the partnerships that are integral to successful SD-WAN offerings, allowing enterprises to connect various locations though a single network and provider.

  • Move to the Edge

 This theme refers to the pushing of content services and network elements closer to users and is a major conversation in telecom today. The content that consumers stream is sitting in the core of the network.

The core refers to massive data centers, which might be distributed across 20 locations throughout the continent. However, the consumers streaming this content are not typically geographically close to these core locations. The edge describes where the actual consumers and businesses requesting this content are.

Moving this content closer to end users at the edge would enhance speed, performance, and value. This would largely entail decentralizing data centers to create a better user experience with thousands of nodes distributed across the continent, to create smaller data repositories closer to consumers. However, moving content compute intelligence closer to where the user is has become a conflict of moving applications out of servers and into the cloud.

  • 5G

 The move to 5G wireless connectivity is picking up in 2018, with 2020 set as the predicted launch of these networks. 5G will be integral in providing fast and reliable connectivity to mobile and IoT devices.

However, the transition from 4G to 5G will be resource intensive, requiring major infrastructure updates. To stay on track with the 2020 timeline, operators must be planning routes based off of existing infrastructure and off-net partner capabilities.

Talks at ITW will focus around the demands of the 5G network, and how the growing number of connected devices will impact the network.

  • Digital Transformation

 Telecoms will also be discussing ways to strategically position themselves to take a greater share in the profits being produced by digital transformation. Network operators are investing huge amounts of capital to drive digital transformation, yet organizations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., take most of the profits.

To shift this paradigm, telecom providers are seeking to use digital resources to provide growth and create value, be it through partnerships with media companies, purchasing media companies, etc. By leveraging the same assets as these profitable organizations, telecoms can better position themselves in the value chain of the digital economy.

The goal of discussing these trends is to determine how telecom providers can leverage the technologies behind them to increase value, serviceability, and ROI.

What Telecom Operators Will Get Out of ITW 2018

ITW will shed light on a challenge that many providers are currently facing, such as market participation, maximizing growth. The amount of capital required to be in the telecommunications or network business is intense, so it can be highly profitable if your organization is in the deal and winning business where you have assets, whether direct, indirect or wholesale.

However, if you are not participating and miss opportunities to sell your network when a decision has been made, that opportunity may not be brought back to market for 4 to 8 years, missing a valuable source of cash flow if it is connected to or next to your network. Therefore, network operators need to ensure they are visible to external deals, and also have visibility into the deal flow of other providers, channel partners and their own direct sales efforts are engaged. This participation will maximize capital efficiency, drive productivity, and ensure profits and growth.

A huge part of participation is through managing your network reach and being able to share that serviceability to the market, because no operator has connectivity everywhere.

Partnerships are also necessary to drive participation with SD-WAN. SD-WAN is quickly becoming the preferred solution over than MPLS for mid-size and global enterprise customers to connect their wide area networks across locations. As one provider is not able to connect to all these locations, enterprises want providers that will work with the right access networks, enabling each underlying network to connect optimally and tie it all together with the one common SD-WAN.

Our Role in Wholesale, Channel and B2B Direct Selling for Telecom

Connected2Fiber helps network operators take action on these trends and participate in the market by ensuring their serviceability, reach, and capabilities are known internally and externally, and in the right hands and systems at the right time and in the right format. This ensures that as opportunities arise, providers who own the relationships can reach to serve the entire enterprise need, and those who own the last mile optimally can participate in the revenue opportunity. Learn more about Location Participation from Connected2Fiber, a secure, trusted platform to manage your serviceability.

To learn more about how Connected2Fiber can facilitate participation for wholesale telecoms, book a meeting with us at ITW.  

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